1. alien-tech-cultivation

    cali connection tahoe og kush

    any input on tahoe og i have a mother of it and 9 clones in veg for my next run after my ghost og x tangerine kush finish in a couple weeks. does it strech much and is the flowering time of about 9 weeks correct .? this is the ghost og x tangie
  2. Bearijuana

    Hello Girls!

    Well, here's to hoping they are female. **First grow**. I think they are some kind of Kush. 3/4 year old free seeds from OVERGROW CANADA campaign headed by Dana Larson. Since then they have only given away hemp seeds said to be high CBD seeds.
  3. BurnzyBurnz

    Guess who's back. My new grow. Round 2.

    Round 2 ! :bigjoint: Well here we go again for round 2. If you recall from last time and/or followed I did quite well for a first time grow. I did however make several mistakes harvesting, this time around will be very different. I am much more focused and prepared. My grow room is triple the...
  4. Cobbyman12

    Second grow (random seeds)

    Hey guys I would like to start off by saying this is only my second grow and I’m a newbie to all of this. Right now my plants are 2 days from 5 weeks into flowering, My light setup is a Mars Hydro ECO 98 600w LED, two 100w CFL and some random 150w Full spectrum LED. I run a 240cfw in-line fan...
  5. vanslyke

    Outdoor kush harvest

    i guess I should have posted here first. I’m just wondering how much longer you experienced outdoor growers think my little afghan kush lady has to go until harvest? I’m thinking 1-2 weeks...I could be way off though lol.
  6. Merica_Mike

    Preflowers in Veg

    I have a clone that is showing pistols on a few nodes. It is currently under 400w hps and is about a month old. Its currently on a photo period of 16 hours on 8 off. My question is: Is it normal for my plant to show preflowers with this many hours of light? Or is this just a sign that she is...
  7. DarkQueen

    First Newbie Harvest - Opinions and Advice Valued

    Greetings from the DarkSide, Been a wee while since I've visited, but we've been busy AF, darlings.. And in a good good way. The Alien OG Kush plants have been maturing very beautifully after my last post. However, holding out the chop until after the DarkKing returns from the desert proved...
  8. Merica_Mike

    Harry Kush Clone From LaConte's Clone Bar and Dispensary in Denver

    So I got this clone from LaContes Dispensary in Denver. Harry Kush is the strain if the clone. It came in a rockwool cube and I planted it directly into a small pot with fox farms ocean forest mix. I have it under a 400 watt hps. But I wasn't sure how it would take to the his because its been...
  9. DarkQueen

    Opinions Needed - Bigger or More??

    Greetings from the Dark Side darlings, May we have a vote please? About to do a system shift for our new crop.. Alien OG Kush Auto Indoors - We are running 22 x 8.5 litre pots and have the option of switching to 16 litre pots. But... space is an issue. We could get 22 growing (clones from...
  10. DarkQueen

    To cut or not to cut..

    Greetings from the Dark Side! Dilemma - I have 8 beautiful indoor Alien OG Kush Auto in flower - looking at trichomes, about 3-4 weeks to go. At the bottom of the plants (and centre) I have some serious branches with crazy many buds, but worried that the small-ish fan leaves (large ones...
  11. Chiefbongwater

    Start of life?

    Im struggling to keep my grow journal uptodate with the actual progress of my plants. They seem to be growing slower than expected, but i feel like it is because i think they should be further along then they actually are. So my question is.... Whenever you start your journal, do you start day 1...
  12. Budder Fingers

    Nirvana OG Kush Auto Freak Monster Bush

    Here's a Nirvana OG Kush Automatic nearly ripe. Grown under various LED, Area 51, Kessil etc
  13. Cobbyman12

    Second grow

    Hey guys just wanted to update you all. The plants recovered well after the sun burned them. they seem to be doing a lot better now that I’ve switched them over to the 600w LED. They’ve started to grow a lot faster and produce a new growth everyday. I’m planning on transplanting the ones in solo...
  14. Chiefbongwater


    I recently harvested my first grow. And messed up keeping the heat and humidity consistant and was not the harvest i was expecting. Anyway I started my next grow and tried germing some bag seeds i got. A little old and they popped then died quickly after. Their tap roots were mush. So i got two...
  15. Statton420

    First Indoor Grow

    Hey all! Just wanted to share my first indoor grow. I currently have three plants under a 300w Viparspectra LED light (I went a little crazy and should have only grown 1-2 plants given the size of my tent and power of my light but it seems to be working out. Next time I will be sticking with...
  16. Kage87


    Newbie here first time...having some problems and the ladies are looking unhappy to be alive and living with me despite all the love and care they get... Setup 18/6 light cycle 32in x 32in x 63in grow tent Promix hp growing medium 190 cfm ventech exhaust and carbon filter 900w viparspectra led...
  17. CookieKush

    Cookies Kush - 2nd attempt

    Seed bank: Barney's Farm Grow environment: Indoors (Tent grow) LED used: ZNET-4 300W Auto smart timer for light and ventilation control Water: RO water Grow medium: Coco coir block + 50% perlite mix (hand blended) Nutrients: Week 1 (Buffered Coco Coir + Sensi CalMag Extra + Piranha root juice)...
  18. Kage87

    First timer

    First time grow wondering about height of plants and options and sizes I should be aiming for with my grow 32Lx32Wx63H grow tent 4 inch fan and carbon filter 900w viparspectra reflector series led Soiless medium (promix hp) Remo nutrients Plants -o.g kush from seedling..jack herer from clone...
  19. vanslyke

    Green crack topped and LST’d

    hey guys. I topped my green crack plant a week ago, LST’d the two main tops yesterday, and tightened them a bit today. I’ve got her in a 2.5x2.5x5.5 foot tent with a 200w CFL. Here are some pics from start to now. Small little seedling Bushing up! Off with her head! Two new tops...
  20. Sheldon92

    Yellow Leaf, Whitish/Green Leaves, and bending stems

    I have 3 problems. 1 of my sprouts has a yellow leaf, 1 is kind of white-ish, and lastly, some of them keep bending to near ground level! (leaves stay upright facing light ok) Any help/advice is appreciated! 1) Yellowish leaf on the left 2) White-ish leaves 3) Some sprouts keep bending...