1. 7

    sensi Mids plant. any feedback?

    this isnt my first grow but will be my first flowering. I only been using Milogranite organic fertilizer 5-2-0 for the entire grow. any feedback if you could
  2. C

    Help With Nutrients Plz

    I am looking for some nutes where I can use every time I water just to keep my plants nice and healthy I really think my plant can benefit big time with them if you can help plz let me know I'm not sure what some good nutes would be thanks for any help
  3. Itscottymarley

    Newbie HPS

    Okay so let me start off with I'm just self-taught.. I've learned some from people I've seen grow some danky-dank and I aspire to be one of them. I've had one unsuccessful grow (6 plants) in the past with fox farm soil, 4 t5 lights three inches from the plant watered once a day, the plants out...
  4. WhiteKnightToker

    Seasoned Toker but new to (oil/butter/shatter)

    Hello, my first actual post here and this is one of the many reasons I joined. I've been toking for about eight years now, I've never tried to make butter or oil until last week. I used about a gram and added: 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1.5 tablespoons butter, and glycerin (edible one). I mixed all...
  5. Shadowfarmer

    Girl scout cookies cuts vs OG kush cuts

    Pick your choice between which you think is better I'm pretty undecided but I haven't seen a OG just cut test at 30% thc like OGKB
  6. GrowingShadow

    Deformity or Normal?

    Got 2 grows ATM, one seems to be pretty much fine, slight downwards curl on the 2 initial pop out water leaves from overwatering slightly at 2 days old from surfacing. The other plant in question is 3 days from surface, at first showing the same overwater issue as the other yesterday, yet today...
  7. DigitalTorture

    Purple Kush Porn

    100% organic purple kush. Won't say the breeder cause I got herm on all plants EXCEPT this one. Don't want to promote these guys! Anyways, I'm ripped right now, so enjoy.
  8. Gprime

    ViparSpectra 300Watt LED Micro Grow Tent!

    Hey yall, Ive been doing a CFL grow in this same tent for quite a while now and thought this round will be a Amazon bought LED and some basic growing techniques. Ive had a few harvests under a small T5 CFL in the same tent and would like to see more results with a HID style of lighting. If yall...
  9. SickSickWorld

    TH Seeds MK Ultra Kush Auto

    THE SETUP 80x80x160cm tent 4" extraction fan(187 m3/hour) Buddy carbon filter (200 m3/hour) Multi Spectrum 400w HPS, euro reflector & ballast 9" Oscillating Desk Fan THE POT 15ltr Airpot BioBizz Light Mix Perlite TH Seeds Auto MK Ultra Kush
  10. T.C. Bosby

    Recommended Grow Strategy?

    Just like anyone, I'm hoping to maximize potential yields while dealing with limited grow space in an apartment. The voice of reason, my wife, wants us to keep it legal so at most we can grow is 12 adult plants at a time. Below are the main specs of what I have purchased . Any opinion on what...
  11. TookTheHitNowImLit

    Help! Want to make my buds purple.

    Hi I'm on my day 11 of flowering and I wanted to make my buds turn purple :weed: and I've heard that throwing the plant in a temperature that is about 50 degrees Fahrenheit will cause them to turn purple. My question is at what stage of flowering should I put my plant in a place where's it's...
  12. Tripp2005

    Super closet

    Anyone use stuff from super closet for hydro sog setup how were the overall results
  13. xox

    Not Another Grow Journal

    600 watt mh conversion/600 watt hps, soil, advanced nutrients ph perfect. soil is buffered to 7.0ph. anyway i'll try to update this thread as things get more interesting. feel free to comment in my grow journal i dont mind.
  14. F

    Strange growth from Cotyledon with mainlined plant:

    So I have been growing for about a year and a half now but I have been around growers for a number of years, I am havinga strange event happen with 11 of my 19 plants at the moment and I am curious to see the results but am not sure if it is a good idea. We grow inside in a 8 by 4 tent with 2...
  15. Traplife

    Quick question on hairs color changing

    hey guys, so im at day 31 of 12/12 on these 2 blue hog's breath plants(Hybrid), i noticed yesterday the hairs are starting to turn orange however i had assumed this wouldnt happen until the last couple weeks? Is this normal? am i doing something wrong? Theyre under a mars hydro 600 & 2 40w CFL's...
  16. Gen. Custer's Revenge

    Second Closet Grow

    Hey all, I am looking for some advice or insight on my situation. I am newbie again after a 7 year sabbatical and started out with some O.G. Kush auto's from Nirvana just to get my feet wet. I got a 4x4 Secret Jardin and two platinum LED 450's. It is going awesome!! Now, its time to set up...
  17. 215patient707

    Medicating With CBD And No THC?

    Hey everyone i have a question. I suffer from seizures and i am a valid medical marijuana patient in california. My doctor told me to try using cannabis with high CBD percentages. Most dispensarys i goto dont have much. Is there a way i can take the THC out of the flower so it will only contain...
  18. Traplife

    pruning question?

    so im doing a scrog grow, at about 40 days of veg right now. under LED mars hydro 600, 2 40w CFL's, & 2 26w CFL's. my question is, once the branches come up and fill the screen and i flip to 12/12, do i just prune everything under the net? Also do i prune after or before the flip? thanks in advance
  19. Phar

    Result of OG Kush v's Lemon Kush and Supercropped v's not Supercropped

    I thought you guys might be interesting to see my little yield experiment with 2 plants that are about 6 weeks into flowering one that's been supercropped and one that hasn't In the picture the OG Kush is on the left and on the right (other side of blue line) Lemon Kush The OG Kush Hasn't been...