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    Barry's Natural Farms TGA MzJill genetics Purple Afghani Kush S1 giveaway

    Celebrate our new look with a free pack of TGA MzJill Genetics Purple Afghani Kush S1 (Fem) 6 pack of seeds ! Post your pictures of your best Kush grows(Indoor/Greenhouse/Outdoors/Underground lairs etc.) ALL Kush hybrids accepted. The winning picture will be chosen by a member of our team...
  2. Barry's Natural Farms

    Barry's Natural Farms - Rare Premium Seeds

    We are excited to share our passion for elite Cannabis genetics with you! We have collected cultivars from the worlds best breeders to help share and preserve these masterpieces. Our mission is to offer these genetics at the lowest possible prices, because everyone deserves the best! Free...
  3. K

    HOW are they ready to chop?!?!

    Can anyone chime in a bit here These girls from my standpoint have atleast 4-5 weeks left Yet the trichomes are showing all cloudy.. What the hell? How is that possible? I don’t think the calyx’s have even swollen up much either. strain: BubbaKush Outdoor grow
  4. Miacchi

    2nd Grow - RQC Bubble KUSH auto

    Hi guys. My first grow was a fail, so im at it again. This time with following setup 600TS LED MARS HYDRO 2x2x4 tent w/ inline fan and carbon filter Humidifier Oscilating fan Grow medium: Biobizz Lightmix Ph range - 6.3-6.5 Day temp - 26-28C Humidity : 65-78% Light schedule : 20/4...
  5. TC719

    Rockstar Master Kush ghetto soil grow

    Germinated 5 seeds two days ago. 4 germinated successfully and one was a dud. Planted in some shitty outdoor soil used for growing tomatoes last year. (wasnt expecting them to germinate so quickly so i didn't make it to a store for decent potting mix) using one 23w CFL to start the seedlings for...
  6. K

    Are these male or female?

    Not sure if these are male or female Can anyone help? 1) This is one plant, didn’t want to jump the gun thinking it was male. 2) actually chopped this one thinking it was male. Worried I cut it too early now :(
  7. Miacchi

    So it begins!!

    My absolute beginnings with growing :weed: I'm on day 10 with my seedling RQC Bubble Kush auto Grow medium - coco coir/ perlite Lights Mars Hydro LED 600w Tent 2x2x4ft w/ inline fan, carbon filter Manual watering RH 65-70% Temp 22-24.5C Light cycle 20/4 It's looking healthy so far, showing...
  8. K

    My very FIRST Grow // Any Suggestions?

    Hey guys! First real post on here, and first time EVER trying to grow these beautiful ladies (hopefully ladies) Just looking for some insight on whether im going about this right, i dont have many friends whom dabble in this so im relying on these forums for some feedback. Had some issues with...
  9. Lockedin

    Herijuana and Strawberry Kush - 4x8 LED Soil grow

    As the title says - I'm growing Herijuana (Steve Tuck version), and my standard Strawberry Kush (I still have a lot of these) Heri - 11/11 germed, 10/11 are getting their second true leaves now (1 damped off) --- Bottom two rows in the wide shot. - so far the Heri is more vigorous out of the...
  10. Liamp1603

    Not getting an l e d stretch ?

    Hi first time using led lights always used hps in the past but noticed the buds being produced by l e d look far superior to hps .... only problem I’m coming against is I’m not really getting the same kind of stretch with an led compared to the hps ? the height just isn’t there ? the nodes are...
  11. M

    $3000 of Mars Hydro LED lights - DNA Genetics Kosher Kush - Lets see what they can do!

    What's up guys. Just sharing my current run with you. I've just moved my girls to my flowering tent which I've rigged up with my Mars Hydro collection. The configuration is as follows (you can see in the picture): 1 FC6500 = $1500 (Big square one in the middle) - 2 SP3000s = $1000 (Bar lights...
  12. S

    Grow journal 600hps

    started a grow so thought id log it and see feedback. 1xbubba kush 1xwhite widow 1xchem dawg 1xblue gelato 1mx1m grow tent, 600hps air cooled, digital ballast running at 400w for now temps sat at 25c will see what one takes best to conditions and take cuttings. 1st pic taken around 5 days after...
  13. fowleraa91

    Nicole Hindu Kush (First Ever Grow)

    INFO: Strain - (Nicole Hindu Kush - Sensi Seeds) I didn't use the tissue method as I want to keep it simple. LIGHT = 5850lm LED 60W (full spectrum) FAN = 15.5cm x 14cm - 6'x5.5' USB POT = 20cm w x 15cm h - 8'x6' (ROUGH) SEED POT = small yoghurt pot POWER = I also...
  14. KronikGenes

    Gutter Vert Grow

    For the longest time it was how to get the most efficient use of a 1000 watt single ended bulb, our idea is to hang it with three level stadium tiers. Small indica type heavy hitting clone only cultivars are the menu of choice. My mind went to the 5” gutter from HD and here is what I have...
  15. Spiderfarmerled

    From Seed to Harvest Ak kush and Cindy 99

    Light: Spider Farmer SF 2000 LED Strain:Ak kush and Cindy 99 Seed-Feb 26 March 12 March 26 Flower-April 29 Harvest-May 24
  16. Qwertypops

    Qwerty's Merlin's Beard (and auto's!)

    Haven't popped the beans yet, but am setting up for a new grow. Putting 5 seeds of my cross and 5 auto freebies I received from Attitude and Nirvana about 5 years ago. This line-up is: 5x Merlin's Beard 3x Jock Horror AF (Nirvana) 1x Kush AF (Attitude freebie) 1x Diesel AF (Attitude freebie)...
  17. R

    Growing with caution

    Hello my dear growers all around the world! I've been alone with few questions on my mind, so I'm willing to get help with these questions and I hope the questions will be answered with honesty. First I wanna say that growing weed in my country is strictly illegal. One of the reasons why I grow...
  18. Andrewg42099

    Phosphorus problem

    Think this is the problem not 100% though, I’m using soil feeding 2ml of bio bloom and .5ml of bio grow per litre of water, I also have a 600w mars hydro led grow light and phing to from 6.5-6.7, can post better photos tomorrow if needed. It’s the plant on the right in the photo
  19. Armyofsprout

    Sherbinski's - Larry OG Auto Grow

    Wassup everyone. Got a new 4x4 going under my 600W HLG Setup. Fully organic grow. Light cycle is 18/6 Strains 9x Larry OG autos in 3 Gallon 1 Purple Alien in 5 Gallon humidity is low around 35-50% at times but it’ll do, I’m not wasting money and space on a humidifier. temps go from around...
  20. Covert Cannabis

    Day 25 (female)

    How's she doing? (yellow color is just caused by my yellow leds, no yellowing on the plant)