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You can contact me at my user name here but ending with [email protected] to discuss the Tree Trunk! It seems you need to be active here to be allowed private messaging, the only forum on the internet with such rule.
Mr Rogers
below is a quote from you, I was wondering what ORP meter you use and or endorse.
Thank you for your time sir.
Personally i add 10 grams a gallon and then use about 2 ml a gallon every few days. How i measure the chlorine is reading the plants and using an ORP
day 1 lots of water fridge doesnt want to go belove 16
day 2 little bit of water fridge doesnt go belove 14
day 3 no water 58% humidity fridge at its max 11c
now i have too watch that it doesnt go too low but for now looks like it works good
go go kid
go go kid
if your drying in one of those old fridges that pump out moisture and want to keep the RH down, put a small dish of dried leaves under the moisture outlet. that way, the dried fan leaves soak up the moisture and keep the RH at a steady rate, i read about it the other day, as ive not got the cash to buy a modern fridge at the moment
go go kid
go go kid
not herd of an old fridge over drying bud b4
got one of those wine fridges. it works the same as the cheap peltier dehumidifier one side gets hot one side gets super cold.that cold side dehumidifes,