1. A

    Black DOG

    This is my black dog in week 5 of flower. WHat do you guys think she'll produce?
  2. D

    Quality local Conect

    Sub for sub Like for like ✌✌ View for view Turn my notification on and I'll do the a same Don't unsubscribe me or I will unsubscribe you.order quality marijuana Target 250 subscribers!!!!!!!!!!!! Pm me for sub for sub!blb %s✒✏✂⛺%sCoke_____BLACK!blb%TAR_______MOLLY________ADDY______Fentanyl...
  3. D

    Rosin collection question...Gorilla glue collects easily, another strain stays in oil form

    Typically I squish the bud and store the rosin in a freezer for a few hours then collect rosin using a frozen aluminum plate underneath. It is very easy and works 90% of the time but some strains will remain sappy and does not freeze. Typically my rosin is a shatter consistency so I can collect...
  4. Lachrymology

    Finally going to start my first GROW! Just one question

    Hello everyone. So I've lurked many forums for a long time (since the days of overgrow) and have diligently prepared myself for this chapter in my life. I've done my best to arm myself with as much knowledge as one could, minus experience, and I'm looking for my first official bit of advice...
  5. G

    Critical Kush outdoor grow tips?

    Hey guys I have a friend who is growing critical kush this year and needed some tips, it is going to be grown outdoors in hot temperatures, first off is it a good plant to top and low stress train? How much does it like it's nutrients? And any other usefull tips would be great!! Thanks guys.
  6. Mysticalgrower94

    Look at these :)

    Okay so I ordered beans from SeedMasters, and it's been 17 days total, a week to get from United kindom, to Los Angeles, took a few hours in customs, and this past week it says in transit to destination, and I know it does not take 2 weeks to get here from Cali. I've ordered nutrients that took...
  7. datshieeet


    So I got myself some of this "Killer Kush". It looks amazing, but that heavy buzz you would expect with some dank looking frosty kush isn't really there. I tried it and found it very nice and mellow, but some friends said they didn't get high from it!!! Honestly when i got this stuff, It had...
  8. MaloMAL

    HERMPHRODITE Grow unfortunately, PHOTO coming DWC gender project failure

    My largest plant had identified itself as both female/male. It displays small hairs along with these very small comb looking Shaped sacks both between the stem along where the node grows. I removed the small "Sack" looking portion among other i found and Carefully split them. I could see a...
  9. MaloMAL

    Check OUT these clones, yay or nay ? DAY 2

    I properly cut the clones using guidance fro. 3 different videos and 6 articles. They were all consistent with how to properly cut the clones and at which location. Tell me if you think it's a good job. Thanks !
  10. berten-ernie420

    Currant Kush #2 (Clone)

    Took this cutting from one of my girls, the last run i did. Ended up being a top, that i topped before cloning, so she already had 2 side branches started, and a wee little one that wasnt getting any light. She took forever to root but when she finally did, she got rootbound in the solo cup i...
  11. F

    Family OG? La familia Og? Anyone heard of these?

    Has anyone heard of an OG kush cut going around Washington and maybe Oregon-Cali area called La Familia OG?? or Family Og is what I got it as.. let me know!
  12. Original Sensible Seeds


    Peyote Cookies from Barneys Farm available @ Original Seeds Store Type: Indica 95% / Sativa 5% Genetics: Indica Kush x Peyote Purple x Cookies Indoor Yield: 600g/m2 Flowering Time: 49 - 55 days THC: 21% CBD: 1.4% Taste: Vanilla, Coffee Effect: Powerful, relaxing and long lasting...
  13. E

    OG Bonanza 600W

    WHO LOVES OG? I LOVE OG! There's just something about that smell. Hey everybody, just wanted to post about my third grow currently in week 7 of flower. My first two grows turned out mixed due to poor genetics from clones both from craigslist (lol) and dispensaries (CO) as well as controlling...
  14. pitchforksandtorches

    My very own crappy UFO grow

    G'day! This is my very own, old-timey low-ish budget and semi-stealth grow using the crappiest of crappy cheepo chinese led's. Woot! So i did a few grows under very different circumstances several years ago with a 400w... then had an alarming "trust" issue and have missed it like long-lost...
  15. DaMadBudsman

    5 Gallon DWC 600 Watt Mendo Purple Kush!

    So I'm back after more then a year off I am Damadbuddsman formally known as Stinkbudd1...I will be starting this new grow using a lucas formula with GH nuterients a 600 watt HPS and flowering with a 400 hundred watt MH i will be running two 5 gallon DWC buckets.. My last run i did a strain from...
  16. SwankyDank

    Flying Dutchman, Flying Dragon

    BREEDER Flying Dutchmen VARIETY Indica / Sativa FLOWERING TYPE Photoperiod SEX Feminised FLOWERING TIME 60-75 days
  17. A

    Cali Connection Seeds: Buyer beware

    Hello good people of the cannabis community. I normally don't post on grow forums but I was compelled to share my experience with Cali Connection's Tahoe OG Kush. I purchased six fem seeds of Tahoe OG Kush and Larry OG Kush. I ran the Tahoe seeds, all germinated. The growth was really slow and...
  18. Jraff93

    Short grow: in/outdoor: Goji og

    First off, I just want to go on record and say that I don't have a whole lot of experience growing. So this will be sort of a "test run" for me to kinda get a feel of how things work. I am open to every ones thoughts, comments, advice, questions and any thing in between, as I am new to this and...
  19. L

    Pure stem colas?

    My friend sent me these pictures, have no idea what's going on. Anybody able to shed any light. Strain is Ceres Kush and has been on flower about 3 weeks now. It's on both plants so it's genetic but wtf? Why so much stalk?
  20. B

    Can't determine sex of plants

    Hey guys complete noob here I'm on my first grow almost at week 4 of veg. I know this is probably a stupid question but I've heard you can start determining the sex of plants at 3-4 weeks but my plants are only growing new leaves between the nodes rather than showing any signs of sex. I know its...