1. caliplugger420

    Amaretto Mint 2 ⛽

    "Amaretto Mint #2" Taken on a nutty, fruity gas as she's cured up. Frosted and about to be blazed. This is a strain everybody needs to try out. Bred and Grown by me ❤️
  2. max316420

    Ordering cuttings from the net...

    Hello fellow gardeners. So I’d like to purchase some newer strains and I hate doing the whole seed thing and waiting so I’ve decided I’d like to buy some cuttings for once and see how that goes. Can anyone recommend a good company that ships cuttings thru the mail and is legit and you’ll...
  3. Ukulele Haze

    Wonka Bars Bagseed Hermie Harvest

    Strain: Wonka Bars (Exotic Genetix) Type: Sativa Dom. (70 / 30) Flower Time: 60-70 Days THC level of source flower: 27% Soil: Organic PROMIX Nutrients: FoxFarm Trio, Molasses Light: "600W" Blurple, Switched to Mars Hydro TSW 2000 on Week 5 of Flower. Training: Topped Twice, LST, Defoliation...
  4. Liamp1603

    Gorilla skittlez pheno Hunter ??

    Has anyone on here ever pheno hunted the gorilla skittlz by barneys farm ?? I’m wondering how many known phenos there are as I’ve come Across one that is the perfect smell of bubblegum and wondering if this is rare or not ? It’s on week 5 now and the smel is unmistakable it’s just starting to...
  5. mistergrafik


    Hey all! I have really been enjoying this forum. I often take pictures for my friends who grow & breed. Some of them don't let me share their photos but I would like to start posting some of these up for u guys to enjoy or pick them apart or love them or burn them or whatever it is ur soul...
  6. 4BigBuds

    Potential for a pound a plant maybe?

    Hey guys, got a couple of clones off a mate, he got 42 oz off 2 plants. I’m hoping to achieve the same or at least a pound a plant. What’s your guys thoughts? They are nearly at week 4 of bloom, I vegged for about 6 weeks. -Strain is cheese -Using a Viparspectra par1200 -DWC System -Good...
  7. Canibal

    Subcools Sargent Slaughter

    Before he died Subcool sent me a 5 pack of Sargent slaughter (JTR x Dank Commander) as a tester. He announced this was supposed to be released to the public but I'm not sure if it was. Can anybody tell me how it grows?
  8. Covert Cannabis

    Day 25 (female)

    How's she doing? (yellow color is just caused by my yellow leds, no yellowing on the plant)
  9. Covert Cannabis

    Day 23, questions or comments?

    This is day 23 into my first successful Marijuana grow (No visible yellowing on plants, yellow caused by LED light hitting the plants / camera lens) All is looking happy and healthy to me, anyways... let me know what you guys think :) :weed: keep it green :weed:
  10. THC-CK

    THCs 3x3 DWC Dreams

    Hello, fellow RIUers, I've been meaning to get a journal going over the last few weeks but just never managed to find the time. Now I have a little more. :bigjoint: I have a 3x3 tent using DWC, with dollar store LEDs(what's!?! o_O), and girls in 3 and 5 gallon buckets. Full details on setup...
  11. THC-CK

    Moving Box A21 Grow - Dank Schrader

    Hey all, I introd myself the other day but thought I would post my setup and a bit about my little stealth grow. I have a few years under my belt but wanted to try something different in the stealth realm! This setup is comprised of two large moving boxes that are stacked to give me a little...
  12. Gregnhart

    4 Purplekush back crossed X Dosido Hydroponic

    I have 4 plants growing in my tent , currently in a rain forest 36 by GH but am transplanting into bigger system soon . This strain has never been grown out before it’s a strain my friend the mad scientist bred , purple Kush back crossed X Dosido by archive seeds . Currently at 710ppm , 5.8ph...
  13. E Scrizz

    Pheno hunt - Seed Recommendations?

    Looking for some new genetics to make some crosses with. Open to recommendations!
  14. Farmer Pat

    HSO Ghost of Trinity vs 1000wHPS

    Salutations friends, thanks for stopping in. Been some time since I attempted a journal, so please excuse my rust ;). Jumping right into it, we have 5 feminized "Ghost of Trinity" seeds from Humboldt Seeds Organization. All 5 have cracked shell via germination in a cup of water, and have been...
  15. promedz

    Week 5 milkbone

    couple shots of some milkbone looking good at week 5 i will post pics every week till harvest then give smoke report this is my first time growing this strain. If anyone else has grown milkbone chime in..
  16. promedz

    Max per pot size?

    I was so happy to take my plants from 4 zips a plant to 8 a plant with 4 under one light! When I hit 10 I felt like a master grower! This is without co2 only thing I changed was paying more attention to my roots in veg! All about the bennies. Here are a couple pics one from a #5 and a #7 size...
  17. I

    Trapped in a closet

    Just moved into this house so im still discovering things about it. For instance my walk in closet only opens from the outside. I go in to smoke a bowl when I see a contractors truck come in up the drive ( there's a window in the closet). I go to open the door and the knob just unscrews...
  18. RippedCittee

    Does this sound plausible? LED strip light recommendations?

    Good afternoon stoners, I am trying to set up a perpetual harvest in my 24x48x60" grow tent. I would grow strictly northern lights in this tent. Now in theory I plan to run 32- 6" 1l pots with little to no veg timeThe idea is that my tent is strictly for flowering and I'd have 4 rows of 8...
  19. D

    Skunk Smell

    This is a topic that has been discussed in many forums, but the answer is never clear. There are many of us searching for that skunky smelling strain. Some answers I have found from other posts lead to Skunk #1 from Sensi Seeds, however grow reports show there is little to no skunk smell and it...
  20. S

    Newbie thats me

    So after years of always wanting to grow some fine herb, ive decided to make this come to light. Ive done alot of searching online and YouTube videos, forums , hightimes, i mean you name it . So i want to reach out to the community itself and ask some questions and get real feed back from the...