1. H

    Frosty Calyx/orange hairs during veg?

    Banana Mac week 6 veg running 24 hr. They are all showing what seems to be really frosty calyx around the area I topped them. Any advise? Anyone seen this before? I hear it could just be genetics but I’m unsure.
  2. A

    Difficulty Topping Asymmetrical Clone?

    Hello, Everyone I’m currently looking to top these 3 lovely ladies. I do understand it’s advisable to cut above the 4th node. But when I look I see a single branch as a node but then it’s asymmetrical equivalent slightly above it. Does that count as 1 or are they separate? Since it’s a clone...
  3. J

    original crazy idea, rare. please experts read

    So, i have a plant that is looking like it will yield approx half a pound indoor its fully female. id say a week or 2 and its done. i have smaller plants that are like topped and 4 way LST, in week 4 veg. i wonder if i could graft a vegging small plant onto a full force flowering root stock...
  4. Gtjoker420

    Which light should I use for vegging in a skinny area

    Which light should I get for vegging in a 3x1 skinny area. I have attached a picture of the area.
  5. Gtjoker420

    Which light do yall recommend

    So I have the 2 in 1 tent and trying to get the bottom section of the small side setup for vegging. The small side is a 3x1 space. Here's a picture of the space.
  6. T

    Addin perlite to Coco on week 3

    How's it growing? Is it recommended to add some perlite on week 3 as the Coco looks super moist and taking forever to dry
  7. natebythelake

    Planting landrace in Fall?

    Sup y'all! I'd seen around the forum somebody who grew in Texas that said they could grow their landrace all year no problem. That said, I'd also read that a risk of planting photoperiods in the fall was that by the time your plant starts flower, the days get longer and send it back into veg...
  8. Jpwt92

    Can a few rainy days in a row induce flower?

    I'm growing a couple plants in my usual place of grow as i normally do in this time of year, everything I have done has been to a T of my last grows. Now normally with where I place my plants the flowering starts occurring around the last week of august, but I have pistils starting to show now...
  9. BWestN2shoes

    Can someone take a look? Butternut squash pic

    I'm not sure if its ripe yet and I'm having a hard time to find some info(I'm finding different answers everywhere) The single big one pic is the one I think maybe ready. Rest are just for show! Thanks in advance
  10. L

    Plant won’t grow new leaves, just keeps stretching!?

    My daughter here was moved outside last week from a cup into our garden. She gets plenty of sun but her leaves won’t grow at all! No vegetative grow, just shooting upwards... take a look. How can I help her out? Any other tips appreciated, this is my first outdoor grow.
  11. E

    How are my plants doing for day 35?

    Hello people, this is my first ever grow and I wanted your opinions on how it’s getting along so far for week 5. They are all photoperiod indica strains I’m growing. Topped and LST’d them.
  12. giantcola

    Vibrant Auto Season! Healthy girls

    Growing at an incredible speed even through multiple fiming and LST, loving the sun Messy growtent, the girl in the black pot is actually photo Right before lst and bend session
  13. The8thChevron

    Give me your opinion on how my first grow is going

    This is how she looks 16 days after breaking ground. Its my first grow so any tips are appreciated! Check out my journal for the full progression, nute, light, temp, strain info etc:
  14. T

    What’s happening?

    #1 Hey guys, over the last few days I’ve noticed this on a few of my plants, they are only 3 and half weeks from sprouting (growing FEM train wreck) been going light on nutrients and light watering.. like half a liter each.. did The first big feeding on Sunday of half a gallon each.. I wasn’t...
  15. T

    Tent sucking in

    Hey guys I got a 1.5m x 3m tent I’m running rhino pros, 200 out and 150 in but the tents negative pressure is sucking in so hard. I don’t know if the fans are too small for the size? I’ve never had it suck in so hard but I’ve never used a tent this big. its clearly sucking out more than...
  16. G

    How long to veg with seeds

    Hi I'm wondering when I should start flowering and change my lights from 18 hour on and 6 hours off too 12/12. I'm growing in all mix soil from bio bizz my plants around 5 weeks old from seeds cheers
  17. Jollystabz56

    Clone Question

    So.. I'm having people visit my place and I grow in closet, I dont want them seeing anything plant related so im turning off lights and ducts being taken off. The one doubt I have is will my week 1 Clones be fine with 6 hours more in darkness?
  18. TomAce

    Need help friends, Lime green new growth..

    Royal Kush born April 24 from seed Mix of CFL lighting spectrums, mostly 6500K Lights approximately 3 in from plant, temp at canopy is 77, humidity is 60.. airflow is excellent. Medium is fox farm/worm castings/perlite PH water + nutes is 6.5 going in, 6.5 coming out. Water is tap, neutralized...
  19. R

    When Should I Switch From Veg To Flower

    Hello, i like to start off with that i am a first time grower. So far i believe that i have everything i need and done for the most part correctly with my 2 plant. Originally i got these 2 clones from a friend on April 19th (1st picture) and it is now May 19th(2nd & 3rd picture) 30 days later. i...
  20. Yesyes3000

    Can you switch from flower back to veg 15 days in ?

    Hello all. I have some plants that were reg and wanted to sex them and it’s day 15 of 12/12. Can I switch back to 18/ and 6?? How long will it take to see it start vegging again ?? What are the negative effects ? Thank you for the help I appreciate it. Also they are about 6 weeks old.