1. ika667

    Yellow spots (not bugs)

    Anyone have any clue? It's spreading throughout my veg, never had this problem before. No bugs at all. Like I said, been several years and never had this problem before.
  2. 1weedz4

    Couple of Questions About Co2

    Whatsup guys, I'm in the process of setting up my 4k air cooled room. The room is 7x11 and I'm still contemplating about making it a sealed room with Co2. I have a couple of questions: 1. The Flower room and the Veg room are going to be connected with a sealed door so no light leaks will go...
  3. T.C. Bosby

    CMH for Veg / LED for Flower?

    I'm getting two tents setup. One will be dedicated to veg, the other flower. I'd love to get the opinions of anyone who is better than me (so that should be just about all of you). For the flowering tent, I'll for sure be going with my 715W COB LED. But for the veg tent should I also go with a...
  4. B

    trichomes in veg?

    I have a bag seed thats about 3months old, bushy as all hell and in 24hr light as it always has been. It has trichomes..its dark green leaves are healthy but dark and resinous to the point of being sticky. What's goin on here lol??
  5. M

    FIRST outdoor grow suggestions needed.

    Hello everybody, This is my first outdoor grow, my babies are 1 month and 3 days old. Grown outdoors in an area that gets light from sun up till sun down. both plants sprouted from seeds given by a buddy. The seeds came from bud we smoked and his plants hermied and produced seeds. 1 of the...
  6. Mullumbimby

    First Scrog

    Hi Team, I'm getting ready for my first attempt at a scrog. I've got 20 square feet of space (1.4m x 1.4m) and 16 cob LEDs, I'll be using 4 plants so there will be 4 LEDs over each one. I'm planning to make 4 screens which will just fit into the space, so they'll be about a 700mm square (27")...
  7. PugBacon

    How much time should I be spending

    As a new rookie grower I'm concerned I'm spending too much time fiddling with things. I am currently in seedling/veg state (8 plants in solo cups with 4 sets of baby leaves on each plant ) . For now I've been checking my grow daily about 3-5 times every day (several times in afternoon and once...
  8. S

    how much veg space for a 4x4 and an 5x5

    Right now I have a 4x4 veg tent and a 5x5 flower tent I would like to make a big anuff veg tent\ room to supply and make the 4x4 and 5x5 both flower much space is needed I usually veg 1.5-2months and do four big plants that fills up the 5x5 in flower thanks
  9. E

    Elixsao cfl grow

    Random bag seed that I germ'd about a month ago. Up until three days ago I only had two small 6000k cfls. Upped the setup a bit more until I can throw together something solid. I'm currently using nothing but water, I'll be picking up some nutes this week. Also currently on a 24 HR light...
  10. Alec420

    transplanting and switching different lights question

    Hello, I am about to flower my plants.First I want to transplant my 3gal pot to a 7 gal but I will also be using a HID for flower. I used a LED with CFLs for veg(CFLs most of its life). My question is should i have my plants under HID before I transplant. Also do these plants look fine to you guys
  11. T.C. Bosby

    Plant Height During Flowering?

    I'm about to flip to 12/12 for flowering on my Tahoe OG plants. They are about 2 feet tall. During flowering I was told they'd grow between an additional 1.5 to 2 feet. Would anyone happen to know if that includes the main cola? I think I may be in a situation where I've vegged too long, and...
  12. M

    can i flower these yet?

    Are these plants big enough to flower yet. The strain is blue mystic the left one is about 6 inch tall and wide the right one is half this. They've had all of June in veg time so far. Grown from seed in april
  13. Alec420

    Plant's formation of leaves look funny... i think nute problem. help

    Okay, i've noticed that my plants have been from weird leaves and other plants are getting the claw and purple stem fan leaves this plant has the claw, purple fan leaf stems and weird leaf shapes in the middle this plant does not have the claw, has little to no purple fan leaf stems but...
  14. B

    smell at 2weeks?

    My 2week old seedlings smell like a citrusy mint grass, like fairly strongly.. Is it normal or mean anything? This is my first grow and I have seven plants only 5 of which smell..
  15. Mazey Farms

    Super Lemon Haze Discoloration?

    Realized I first posted this in the wrong forum, apologies. Entering into Day 21, or three weeks of veg. The ladies are growing up quickly on a 50% Dyna-Gro regimine. Will be upping the nutes a bit for the final week of veg. My concern is the Super Lemon Haze is showing a bit of discoloration...
  16. Alec420

    Scrog in veg tent then flower tent? or...

    I was thinking of doing a Scrog in my veg tent then move the plant to the flower tent and also Scrog there(bigger one of course). Or would it be better to tie down my veg plants after topping them instead of Scrog. and only do a scrog in my Flower tent? Limited grow experience, would like to get...
  17. Mazey Farms

    Inherited a neglected White Widow

    Yesterday I helped a buddy clone and as "payment" he gave me one of the ugliest White Widow plants I've ever seen. He's had her a red solo cup with Super Soil in Veg 24/7 for near two months using only RO and bat guano?! I took her in, put her in a 3 gallon Smart Pot with a 1/2 inch of Hydroton...
  18. Mazer

    LED for mother plant, clones and veg

    Dear Dudes and Dudets, Any one uses LED for veg or clonning in small spaces/stealth-closet growth? what is your setup? Please do share.
  19. Billies4life

    Help with Fluorescent Lights - First time grower

    Hi guys, The is my first thread and I hope some of you more experienced growers could pass some knowledge onto a newbie. My grow is a closet grow about 3ft wide, 1.65ft deep and 5.5 ft tall (sorry tried to convert them all to feet). The issue I have is with my lights. I'm not to sure as to...
  20. ligrow

    Veg clones in Smart pots

    Good day guys, I have small clones in rockwool roots out, they need to veg bigger before I put them in Ebb and grow system. I wonder whats the best way to veg them? the veg tent is 3x3. I need to veg at least 12 plants for the Ebb system. Now I have some 3 gal mart pots. I wonder if I can Veg...