1. A

    What am I doing wrong???

    Newbie trying to do an indoor grow. I’ve done it years ago but i pretty much new to the game again. I’m at a loss and need help. I figured soul was going to be an easy start up and man, they have taken me for a ride. They are all going well but obviously not completely happy. I’m using Ocean...
  2. E

    Why is this photoperiod flowering in veg?

    Under 18/6 light cycle in coco, seems like this ones started flowering, I’m pretty sure it isn’t auto, I’m running pack of 5 photos, same strain from Humboldt and the other 4 seem to be vegging as normal. What could be the reason for this one flowering in veg?
  3. B

    1 or 2 nodes??

    about 1 and half week into gg#4 is this 1 or 2 nodes i want to be in veg so bad also i've germinated 2 gg#4 successfully. it's really so simple i just made it difficult upon myself, all though the 7 i killed wont grow it gave me experience
  4. L

    2 Weeks Old - Yellow Tips (How to Cure?)

    Hello, I have a Blue Haze lady (photoperiod) by ILGM at around 2.5 weeks old. 24/0 under SF1000 at 50% intensity, hanging 24" from canopy. 75 Degrees F with 50% RH. Planning on transplanting into a 3 gal then she goes outside, but I want to get this sorted out before that happens. Watering...
  5. ddeck96

    How many plants in a 4x8?

    I plan on running a a RDWC/Aeroponic hybrid in a 4x8 tent. I will be growing from seed and would prefer a relatively short veg. So, how many plants per 4x4 space for a 5-6 week veg?
  6. H

    Spring plantings and Rainy Weather

    Hello, Can overcast/rainy weather cause plants to flower early? I just moved my seedlings into their final pots.
  7. A

    Some ideas on maximizing single plant in room?

    So I started growing last few years. First attempt was 3 plants with a very weak return, fast forward a bit of personal growthand time and I tried two plants last run, getting the biggest yield yet. This time I am trying a single plant, curious if I can get an even bigger yield out of this...
  8. E

    What Lights in your veg room?

    I'm curious to see what lights you guys like to run for your veg rooms. I'm looking to make my setup perpetual and will need veg lights. I'm in the air between t5s or LEDs so figured id see what your guys like to use!
  9. 4

    Stunted Plants ? helpppp

    Not sure what's going on with this strain I'm growing. I'm leaning towards just genetics because all of them kind of look like this minus one that I accident topped wrong turned out the be the strongest grower. I'm growing both CBD and THC plants they all started at the same time but the CBD...
  10. BigMoistDaddy

    It’s been two months since seed and I’m wondering should I a flower now or wait a few more weeks

    I have four plants in a 3 x 3 tent. it’s been two months since seed and it’s been vegging rapidly for one month. So what I’m wondering is should I veg it for a little bit longer or start flowering now since I do have four plants in only a 3 x 3 tent.
  11. W

    Usually I’m here looking for help cause I’m a silly noob…

    Buttttt i think i might’ve maybeeeeee finally tuned these in and might be on the right track, out of the 6 “feminized” seeds that germinated 2 of them were male and got culled and these 4 ladies are left. The super tall one refused to be trained downward. And no topping or pruning can get it to...
  12. MartianMan999

    First time grower - watering question

    what up what up my fellow hippies!! The generosity of growers is unbelievable and I hope I can provide expert level info back soon. So, my neighbor grows and came over before I watered. Before this, I was using XL McDonald’s cups (2-3) and had no issue. My neighbor said I needed to wet the...
  13. Spiveysrevenge

    Going from 24/0 veg indoors to outside?

    Hello all. I'm based in New York state. Last year I successfully grew a 7 foot tall indica plant by starting from seed mid march, vegging on 18/6 lights indoor until around may (after frost over) when I transplanted it outside into the ground. It flowered around late August if I recall and I...
  14. Cottoouth916

    Growing mother plants

    What’s up fam just wanted to ask y’all about these mother plants I’ve got veggin I’ve germinated at the same time and topped them the same time but for some reason my gsc didn’t grow as tall and there’s a significant less amount of roots on the shorter one. They both get the same treatment...
  15. A

    Got Lots of Brown Spots on Early Veg

    Just put this seedling in the new pot a few days ago and I was having some leaf problems before but now I'm debating on what this one is. Got some FF aquatic mix, and I've topped it once... Also, Idk if I should trim anymore right now. I've taken some bad leaves off amd the response hasn't been...
  16. T

    Hey y’all. My new growth is wilting and tips are turning.. gray?

    The gray doesn’t come off and it’s only one plant out of two that has this so I don’t believe it to be mold. The plant mass itself is turning gray very slowly, and the new growth looks really sad. im 4 weeks exactly from seed. I did feed it and have a feeling it wasway too early. I’m doing a...
  17. A

    plants have new growth on leaves but it's curling down in veg

    Hey y'all I just bought 2 clones and planted in jiffy pots wit black gold soil. I know at the time it was the only soil I had. The clones have new growth however all the leaves curl down and new brownish spots have appeared. Please help before they die!!!!
  18. T

    UnKnown Pest

    So about 1 month ago I had thrips in my flowering room. Was leaving for a week so I decided to just kill everything and be done with it. Fast forward 3 weeks later and my veg room has been experiencing mysterious damage ONLY ON THE VEINS UNDERNEATH THE LEAFS. I have a microscope that is able to...
  19. X

    Should i switch to 12/12 now or wait a couple more weeks

    Should i switch to 12/12 now or wait a couple more weeks just looking for some op?
  20. Ganjee


    Why is This leaf deformed like this.