2 Weeks Old - Yellow Tips (How to Cure?)


Hello, I have a Blue Haze lady (photoperiod) by ILGM at around 2.5 weeks old. 24/0 under SF1000 at 50% intensity, hanging 24" from canopy. 75 Degrees F with 50% RH.

Planning on transplanting into a 3 gal then she goes outside, but I want to get this sorted out before that happens.

Watering around once every other day until runoff. Planted in happy frog soil with no added amendments. I never feed until about a month of veg.

A week ago, the leaves were very dark green, and she looked very healthy with nice consistent growth. Today, she looks very sad, and I'm a little confused on why this is happening -- yellow tips coming in on newer growth and the lower leaves turning yellow with curling/wrinkling.

I've never had a seedling / baby veg plant do this (18 others grown a couple of months ago without issues).

Possible light deficiency or excessive intensity? Overwatering? Overly saturated roots?




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I have to agree w/ MickFoster…..unless you’re in some sort of small container/solo cup contest, the plant is overdo for a more spacious home.
Happy Frog isn’t as heavily amended as some think, so you may need to feed sooner than you planned. Regardless, I’ll wager it perks up big time once you transplant into a larger pot.


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the roots spin onto the outside of the pot because that is the optimal water to air ratio. then when it dries because they are thriving it kills the roots
look it up its called "spinout"

the solution is the perfect moisture throughout the medium, or a pot that prunes back any roots that try to go to the outside. I would transplant!


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It needs a bigger pot, roots are bound up like a drum. Needs cal/mag, too normal dose feeding. Good luck

harris hawk

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are you running 24hr light ? for a photo ? Are you able to plant in ground ? if not get the biggest container you can handle for outside and let other nature take over. Also nutrient feeding is different from indoors grow to outside grows. So just plant out side and mother nature take over (( NO feeding nutrients for 1-2 weeks once outside ( once you feed a plant it takes about 1 week or so for the plant to "up-take" it !!!!!!!!
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