1. RookieHaze

    Has anyone tried the atom kilomix soil?

    With all my grows I´ve always tried switching up the soil mix to find the perfect combination to get the best harvest. Although I´ve been getting a ton of really successful harvested, I most often then not get yellowing at the leaves 3 weeks before I cut them down. The sugar leaves get brown and...
  2. SaHt420

    Gnats! Wanna sterilize soil

    I love organic but now ima fighting gnats like a bastard with fabric pots! I wanna sterilizer my soil sense I’m switching to a cocoa promix and lotus fertilizer from now on! How would y’all go about getting rid of the gnats and eggs I have sticky traps to keep them in check for now! Soil is...
  3. D

    From dwc to soil?

    I’m wondering if I can take a clone I had started that got forgotten about and brought back to health from the dwc bucket it’s grown into and put in a 5 gal pot of promix?
  4. Mycroft Holmes

    Gorilla Glue #4, Godzilla Glue #4, Cherry Bomb, and Lemon OG x Fire Alien Haze

    Hi everyone! This year I'm growing one old favourite, and 3 strains that are new to me. Starting off with my old favourite... Cherry Bomb Feminised photoperiod 50% indica/50% sativa Big Bomb x "Fruity Mother" THC: 17-22% CBD: 0% Flowering: 8-10 weeks, late Sept-Early Oct outdoors Effect: Head...
  5. Jimmy Dickskin

    FFOF Soil question

    If I'm going to use FFOF do I need to add anything to it? Perlite? Vermeculite? I will add the nutes when needed but is good enough by itself ?
  6. P

    Blueberry and kerosene krash yellowing

    A bit of background on this grow, I've posted in a few forums but just want the maximum amount of advice I can get really. Two of my plants, DP blueberry and DP kerosene krash are showing issues. Tent is 2x4 from Green Architecture, 2x 120w LEDs from gerylove, only using 1 for the minute...
  7. B

    Slow growth autoflower in soil

    My first grow is looking a bit behind on achedule, most of the reviews i saw for same strain is harvested around 82-85days(gorilla cookies auto from fast buds). Mine is now 72 days grown in soil under 100w and look like it still have a long way to go. when should i expect harvesting?
  8. B

    slow growth in early flower(First Grow)

    Hello, I'm having some problems with my autoflower 6 weeks old (maybe not as I'm too newbie to judge) I think since I saw the first signs of flowering was 2 weeks ago growth slowed down "in my opinion" as white hair not developing fast as I imagined. Also, can you identify any light stress...
  9. gooshpoo

    How do you guys set up your coco.

    Ive been using Promix HP and so far I'm pretty happy with it, but I really don't want to just get stuck in one way I want to try different things and then settle on a forever medium. So I got some Canna coir bricks and my question to you all is. How do you guys set up your coco? I'm not doing a...
  10. R

    Are my plants ready for harvest?

    Please help me know harvest time if I'm aiming for 15-25% amber trichomes max. Plants where early flushed 2 times and given 500ppm of nutes last feed. help me know the harvest time please
  11. Budzbuddha

    Hey , Dummy Grow a Plant - Simple Soil Container Growing

    Container gardening involves growing plants in pots or containers rather than directly in the ground. For simple soil container growing, choose a well-draining potting mix, place it in containers with drainage holes, and select appropriate containers based on plant size. Ensure proper watering...
  12. mikaroni

    How to get rid of algae growing on medium

    Hey everyone! So, I've had a little bit of algae growing on the surface of the soil of my random plants in my grow room. I didn't really think much of it since it hasn't affected my cannabis plants yet. But today, I noticed that there is now algae growing in my cannabis plants soil now on the...
  13. SaHt420

    32x32 bag seed

    Most sprouted yesterday hoping for the hermits to hit mostly fem lol. Seeds from cement shoes and Kushy Kush outdoor all mixed up now I believe I got a good idea what’s what but who knows lol Soils is Fresh and mixed with coast of main dry amendment
  14. chamenon

    Why is this PRO-MIX Organic Gardening Blend so cheap compared to other PRO-MIX varities?

    I need to transplant two from solo cups but I'm on a tight budget. I have these in my local Walmart for $12 for 2cuft. It's OMRI certified, it has mycorrhizae etc. What's the catch with this blend? Can I just use this and amend it with EWC, Bio-Live and fish hydrolysate and be good to go or is...
  15. 420mannen

    Droopy Leaves!

    Hi guys! Are these ones going to be okay? I'm using Golden Label Soil which have nutes in em for the first 4-6weeks it says. I'm at day 25 and I've used a 10l bucket, which I filled up about 5-7l ish and blasted some nutes to the water. Like maybe 1/5 of the reccommended dose of advanced...
  16. K

    Can't Stabilize PH in Soil

    Hi everyone, thanks in advanced for the help given. To describe my problem i'll start from the begining to the date as detailed as possible. On May/01 i planted my 4 seedlings each in a 20L pot, they are 3 London Cheese and 1 Lemon Haze from BSF Psycho Auto Mix. At about week 3 the plants...
  17. E


    Can anyone clarify are these good or bad bugs? i read a comment saying if you have to stare to see them stop they are good, if have to stare to see move then bad. these are constantly moving, im hoping good decomposers, hard to get a good pic but in of the pics im not sure if it looks abit more...
  18. L

    2 Weeks Old - Yellow Tips (How to Cure?)

    Hello, I have a Blue Haze lady (photoperiod) by ILGM at around 2.5 weeks old. 24/0 under SF1000 at 50% intensity, hanging 24" from canopy. 75 Degrees F with 50% RH. Planning on transplanting into a 3 gal then she goes outside, but I want to get this sorted out before that happens. Watering...
  19. M

    DO I KEEP THIS PLANT (stressed plants)

    Hi team. This is my FIRST experience growing photos. Before I only had (very small yields with) autoflowers when i could get them to survive. 1 outdoor, turned out terrible but finished. Fed it all wrong. Then 1 auto in the tent pictured. But I was growing 4 exodus cheese photoperiod plants...
  20. kushpuppy23

    Soil too hot?

    Making my own soil for the first time and I think Ive messed up. I bought a bag of biobizz all mix for my main base and light mix to start my seedlings in. Used the whole 20l of all mix and half the 20l of light mix for base, then added around 4l worm castings and 500g ecothrive life cycle...