1. King.Capello

    List of questions - DWC

    Can someone answer these questions for me, specifically for a DWC setup. 1. What pH do i want my water pH level at with nutrients mixed in? 2. How often should i top up my water and nutrient mix? 3. Should i replace the water and nutrient mix every week, 2 weeks etc instead of topping up? 4. How...
  2. W

    Time to flower?

    So I’ve been growing some plants since October 20th approximately. It’s waaayy past time for them to flower but I had a really rough start with them. I found the most success with this crop using the 24/0 light schedule. Obviously I can’t just switch them to the 12/12 so I plan on dropping their...
  3. A

    Vegetative Guide for Mothers

    I grow for a living so I am always looking for more good information. NEVER hesitate to share! I got a decent bank of info to share from my experience so I welcome questions about GROWING. I grow in soil. I am looking for information about the following: How to keep a plant for as long as...
  4. danks.for.asking

    Magnesium deficiancy?

    This is my first grow in coco. I purchased a brick of coco, washed it, and buffered it with cal mag. Seeds sprouted in about 48 hours and now I'm on week 4. I'm feeding them about 500 ppm of GH Flora nutrients and cal mag ph'd to 5.8. What am I missing? Temps are right at 70. Humitity varies...
  5. C

    can I do a video of set up

    Here is my veg atm im flowering the bushy one but move it into the veg tent most day's Is this place like thc talk 9 farting plant only???
  6. T

    Extending outdoor veg with 6,000 watt MH stadium lights

    Hey there! I'm a licensed cultivator in Oklahoma and have appx 4800 plants in a 4 acre field. It's early August and I am currently getting around 13 hours and 45 minutes of daylight per day (and going down daily). I am wanting to keep the girls in veg for at least another 3 weeks so they can...
  7. MellowMartian

    Is my plant ready to switch to flower stage?

    Hey guys, So my plant is about 5 weeks old, still on 18-6 cycle, and I've noticed she's starting to produce tiny pre-flower pistils. Does this mean she is ready to start flowering stage or should I wait longer?
  8. D

    Single bladed leaves?

    I have some small plants that were cloned (see pictures of small plants) and grew single leaflets. The mother plant is currently in an outdoor scrog doing well, does have leaves with 5 leaflets but also only has leaves with 3 leaflets. There is also a clone from the same batch that is a bit...
  9. D

    Veg/bloom: when to switch nutrients

    Howdy all, first time using liquid nutrients on my outdoors. Wondering if I should wait until budding starts to switch to bloom nutrients or should I just switch when I think it's time and continue using it until flush ? Currently using grow nutrients right now daily.
  10. coocooforkush

    move flowering plant outside in spring

    I have a question. I have a plant under a 315 cmh. Its in 5 th week of flowering. If i move it out side now in may. Is it far enough into flower to finish without reverting back to veg. It would free up my room to do other things? Flowers are well set and look good.
  11. LemonFuelPinesol

    CFL in 2019

    Anybody still use CFL’s?... I decided to make this thread about pure CFL growing whether starting seeds, rooting clones or early vegging I always loved growing with CFL’s cus they are perfect for starting seeds. These little lights are so underrated idk why they hate on em but they have always...
  12. 1weedz4

    6000w LED Too Much for 8x8?

    High, I'm looking to get an 8x8 tent and run 4 1500w LED's. I have a 2000w King LED from Amazon in a 4x4 tent and it worked great. I was wondering, would 6000w be overkill for an 8x8 tent? I might get the Bestiva or stick with the King LED's. If anyone can recommend different LED lights around...
  13. DustyDuke

    My Weed Growing Journey

    Been wanting to start a grow diary for a while but wanted to start it from day one. Im starting to grow three seedsmen strains, which I will turn into mother plants for clones. They are Black Sugar, Badazz Cookies Og, and Nothern Soul. I will also share the other plants I have growing. All the...
  14. C

    Question about taking cuttings

    Hi there everyone. I usually do autoflowers but a certain seed that i have run appears to be a photoperiod, and has been vegging for the whole 10 weeks that the other autos have been growing and finished. So im left with a huge photoperiod plant in veg. Im wandering if you can take big cuttings...
  15. Resin_pheasant

    White Widow yield

    this is gonna be my first grow and it’ll be in 8 10 gallon pots under 2 1000w hps. How long should I veg the plant for if I’m looking for at least 4 oz. per plant? The strain I’m going to growing is white widow and I will have temporarily temperature and humidity under control.
  16. Thebanktella

    Force flower

    Ok so Im currently growing two girls outdoors at the moment they are about 6.6ft rockets been begging for about 4 and a half months now got pre flowers on em just can’t wait for em to flower anymore I’m getting impatient , do U guys ever force flower ur outside girls ? Do the 12 hr dark indoors...
  17. Thebanktella

    Pre flower and actual flower

    ok so I know ore flower is when you can start sexing , and I know it’s flower when there are buds , but my question is what is proper signs that it’s started flowering stage and not still in pre flower stage ? Dnt know if that is a stupid question ,,, forgive me if it is
  18. meangreengrowinmachine

    When can I give seedlings full power LED?

    I have a bar of 5 Cree CXB3590's running at max 250 watts, that I have just moved over the top of my seedlings. They are only about 2 weeks old so just little gals. I have the LED turned all the way down and up about 21 inches above them. When can I start cranking up the volume??
  19. NoHo

    Veg. Only or Veg. & bloom with this “higrow”400 true watts optical lens LED?

    I’m in day 25 of veg. (Aprox.) Should I use veg.only at this stage ? Or should I use veg and bloom at the same time with this type of LED? It’s in a 3 x 3 Apollo tent, Clip fan and 6”booster fan sucking out the air from the top, to the outside with a duct. By the way, can’t tell why fan leaves...
  20. NoHo

    Veg. Only or Veg. & bloom with this 400 true watts LED?

    Should I use veg.only at this stage ? Or should I use veg and bloom at the same time with this type of LED? It’s in a 3 x 3 Apollo tent, Clip fan and 6”booster fan sucking out the air from the top, to the outside with a duct.