1. J

    To transplant or not to transplant? & More roots= more uptake= more yeild?

    Got some ladies in 3 gals. First time using fabric pots and the roots made a huge jump I wasn’t expecting. I’m seeing thin 1- 2” long roots out the bottom and I was planning to flip them into flower now. Would it make a noticeable difference in yield if I transplant them into 5 gals? Or would...
  2. FosterBD

    Fim after transplant

    How long before I fim after transplanting. I transplanted into 5 gallon pot five days ago. Grown almost 2 inches since and I’d like to start training. I just don’t wanna rush into it and this will be my first time using this technique. I’m on day 28. Oh I forgot. She is Pink Kush. A photo plant...
  3. T

    Fox Farm Ocean Forest, Worm Casting & Gaia Green

    Currently using fox farm ocean forest for my seedlings. I bought Wiggle Worm Worm Castings, Gaia Green All Purpose & Power Bloom to top dress. The guy at the store recommended adding them 3 weeks after veg. Is this a good idea or will I run into problems? Will I need to add top dress or will...
  4. B

    when to transplant/soil

    about 2 weeks, shes grown her 3rd node at about 4 inches. and start to drink water fast, when should i transplant? and if i do can i use 100% ffof? id like to use something at the bottom for flower of my 7 gallon, but atp its not worth it.
  5. N

    Day 8 long seedlings leggys how to keep them growing?

    Ok so day 8 first 4 days in natural sun Seedlings have leggys tall thin seedlings I left them indoors days 6 to 8 What shld I do to save these? Transplant them in 3 gallon pots? How many hrs natural sun light? How do I save them? Be specific what conditions each day and whatbfood an...
  6. A

    Question about up-potting and why?

    Ok so multiple sources across all botanical practices deem up-potting to be an effective and common strategy. I am not denying that. However, I would like to better understand WHY that is. I have been searching for answers on this, yet to find anything really solid. The best answer I found was...
  7. Cottoouth916

    Wet soil for transplant

    Have some soil that got wet had it stored for a transplant and now that time has come Transplant How do you feel about transplanting wet soil I feel like it’s a bad idea but I had to ask my roll it up family???? Because I don’t wanna buy bags of soil at the moment.
  8. V

    Problems after transplant

    Hey guys I transplanted my ladies Monday this week. Had no problem when they were in the solo cups. I transplanted into 3gals and they look terrible the only thing I did was literally transplant and spray with neem oil soap as a preventative. Fed with gh 6 part with armor si. Media is botanicare...
  9. MikeTahoe

    Should i top before transplanting?

    Hey all, Pretty self explanatory, recemtly re-potted a seedling into a 1 gallon pot, and its exploded since. I want to top it to allow my other plants to catch up. Should I top while its still in its 1 gallon pot or wait until I move it to the 5 gallon? Thanks! Posting a picture for...
  10. x D3FTONES x

    Outdoor 100 gal pots (Soil) - looking for advice

    I’ve been growing indoor for around 8 years in coco. Pretty well have that dialed in and have experience with every possible problem throughout the years. This year I acquired some property and started growing in soil 100 gal smart pots. Definitely running into some transition issues and would...
  11. diabIo

    Transplanting Autoflowers

    Hey RIU community, I am currently germinating ten autoflower seeds, LSD and Blackberry from Beaver Seeds, w/ the paper towel method. I've mixed 3 cu. ft of FFOF and 2 cu. ft of FFHF - will this still be too hot for seedlings? After reading about Happy Frog's material list, I quickly realized...
  12. ZellzGarden

    Nitrogen excess, disease, or just time to transplant?

    Hey all so I have been playing around with some bag seed, pheno hunting and decided it was time to FIM one of my plants, well I did and shortly after it seemed to be showing signs of what seems to be a nitrogen excess (dark green, clawing ends) but I was wondering if it could be a disease as the...
  13. B

    First Transplant

    Good Morning Everyone, Learning how to grow cannabis for medicinal use. Suffer from PTSD and cannabis is truly a saving grace. I am learning how to grow for the first time. I have currently 4 cloned plants in a 2 x 2 x 4 grow tent, i know its a little small for 4 plants but i plan to move at...
  14. Manco_

    Hi guys! It's ya boy newbie123... A question regarding transplanting my LEMON KUSH

    So... I got this brand spanking 30cm pot and I was thinking if I should change to that now? OR should I keep going with this little fella and wait for it to grow bigger before changing? I'm waiting for you guys answers. Happy to join this community today!
  15. C

    Help needed yellowing leaves

    Hey so transplanted to 5 gallon like 7 days ago I know your not supposed to transplant autos as it can stunt growth but was root bound in other container so had no choice anyway now top growth is turning yellow (unsure if related or not but thought I'd tell u guys anyway) dont know what to...
  16. C

    roots growing through the bottom of solo cups

    I think my seedling have outgrown their starting pot and are ready to be transplanted. In the pics I posted you can see several roots growing through the bottom of the solo cup. Will they break when i transplant them or should i use sterlized tweezers and straighten out the roots so it can be...
  17. W

    Are these ready for transplant?

    Let me know if these are ready for 1-gallon pots. Medium is coco perlite, 70:30. Thanks! VIDEO OF PLANTS
  18. P

    Transplanting auto to bat guano.

    Hi guys! I germinated 3 amnezia autos and I put them in a solo cup with low nutrient soil. The readon I did that because I didnt want them to put straight into plagron bat guano soil because its full of nutrients and I was worried that it would be too much for a little seedling. Should worry...
  19. obibi710

    overcrowding update

    so i messed up and planted too many seeds in one pot, like way too many seeds. 420 - minus 400, give or take anyway here are some before and after shots, i will be happy if one survives. they are in humidity domes now B
  20. N

    Transplant going horribly wrong. Please help!

    I've been reading a ton of things about how to grow and transplanting and almost everything says you're supposed to water thoroughly after transplanting. Well the soil is still wet after 3 days and now my plant is falling over and pretty sure it's going to die. It's very pale/lime green. It was...