Problems after transplant


Hey guys
I transplanted my ladies Monday this week. Had no problem when they were in the solo cups. I transplanted into 3gals and they look terrible the only thing I did was literally transplant and spray with neem oil soap as a preventative. Fed with gh 6 part with armor si. Media is botanicare coco aeration. Ph is always 5.8, Temps are approx 82 under viparspecter p1500 at approx 20 in.



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I don’t spray my plants so I can’t say much for neem, what 6 parts, why so many? Any pics before the transplant? RO water? Same feed as the solos? Pre charged the coco?


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Transplanting is fairly traumatic for the plants and lathering them with neem for no good reason just adds to the stress. Looks like too much neem to me and I'd rinse it off with RO water ASAP.

If there are no bugs present then spraying anything like neem is a total waste of time and neem. Neem is a contact killer so any bugs that come along now won't even notice it and happily munch your plants.

We don't take chemo to prevent cancer do we?