1. EH40veg

    0.8 x 1.2m lighting help

    I’ve got a 1.2 x 0.8m cupboard space and was thinking of using a 600w hps and a 400w led, will this be to much light for 4 plants or will it be ok as long as I control the heat, have a 6 inch fan and filter as well, the room is also about 2 meters high. Thanks
  2. Fem Sodo

    Suited HPS Wattage for 120x120

    Hello, Should I go for 600W MH/HPS or 2x 400W MH/HPS. I was told 800 watt was too much for 120x120, but I still wanted to ask here. The bulb will be air cooled and the ballast, too. Both, the bulb and the ballast will have their own independent cooling system, so the temperature isn't a problem.
  3. StonerMike303

    Hydrofarm Daystar 1000w HPS/MH & Phantom Ballast.

    I have 2 of these with eye hortilux Super HPS bulbs for trade/sale. Looking for either an LED or a smaller HID to trade for. If not 150$ Firm for everything. Would possibly sell just one or trade so lmk if interested. Located in Colorado Springs, CO. Both lights have been used for 5 previous...
  4. D

    Need help with LED choice.

    Hello guys, I would like to get your opinion regarding this led light. I'm currently using a 400w HPS bulb in a 4x4 room growing 4 auto's which cover the whole area.Ive been thinking of changing the HPS for a LED. My main concern is that I want to benefit from the electricity cost reduction...
  5. U

    400w HPS vs 3000w bestva LED

    Hi everyone, This will be my second grow. Last grow I used a 400w HPS cooltube, and received a free 3000w bestva LED. I'm wondering if the led would be worth using over the HPS? I know that it's not 3000 actual watts, but it's pretty close to the same actual wattage of the HPS. I'm in a 2x4x5...
  6. P

    All lower buds in plants

    Why do all my buds at the butt of all my plants look way frostier and look more ready to harvest then my top buds is that normal or are my lights to close what can it be Lower buds look ways frostier more of the pistil hairs look changes color already while top buds don’t look as frosty and...
  7. Bunnybrew

    Cheetoz from Savage genetics

    Let's jump right in. I have 10 cheetoz clones and 2 shoog clones under 3 single ended 600watt hps lights in a 4x8 tent. 7gal pots of super soil. Enjoy!
  8. Bunnybrew

    Cheetoz from savage genetics

    Hi everyone, I want to bring y'all up to speed on my latest work. Enjoy.
  9. xIPhobiaIx

    What yields more? Penetration vs Coverage

    If I have the ceiling height than is it better for yields to get a powerful HPS or COB led, or Blackdog type LED and penetrate deep into the canopy and grow taller plants or still go wide with the QB or bar style lights and grow wider but shallower plants??? (aka scrog, lollipopping, etc.) Thanks!
  10. Gjames0531

    3lbs 4x4 30 day veg? CKS Lamb's Breath and Strawberry Cough 1000 watt hps

    Just put 7 popped beans in solo cups of 50/50 coco/ perlite. I'm hoping to get 3 pounds out of my 4x4 this time after hitting 2.8 last grow. Different strains so knowing my luck I'll go back down.
  11. wakenbake91

    Top leaves drooping

    Strain: Mentos - Greenpoint photoperiod Light: 400w HPS/MH (just switched to the HPS 3 days ago) Temps/RH: 85-88f / 45-50% (temps have been a little high since issue arose) Media: Soil - FF Ocean Forest (5 gallon buckets) Usually watering every other day 1/4 gallon per plant, when dirt feels...
  12. J

    First Indoor Auto Grow,Need lots of Advice

    Hello, I have so many questions I have A 5x5 Gorilla Grow Tent With 2’ Extension For Lights I have many and I know I can’t use them all. Looking for combination suggestion. I have both a 1000 hps (Phantom II)and 400 hps (Solis Tek) I also have the following LED also California light...
  13. G

    If You Can DIY HIDs, what will you build?

    Just wondering, if you will stay with HIDs, is there any new product you are wishing to see them on market?
  14. ShōGun_NZ

    First rdwc / Indoor grow with DIY setup

    Just sharing some Images of my first grow. Had a lot of fun setting up this and trying something new! Enjoyed the whole grow period start to finish. Not too many hiccups along the way even though I was warned off DWC from others. Stayed a lot smaller than I expected but looking good non the...
  15. lilmafia513

    Has it really been ten years?

    Hello all my fellow growers, smokers, and stoners :bigjoint: It has been a very long time since I've logged in, or had the tent setup.... But.... I'm back!!! And I've been looking at some upgrading of old lights and equipment.... Been looking at this setup on Amazon, and curious if anyone has...
  16. nanners1

    growdiaries low yields reports (lm301B) ??

    Hey everyone, Ive been browsing growdiaries which most of you probably already know... I have no idea if this site is legit or not, but I look at yield reports by users and they are quite low always. for example, I constantly see reports of autos and photoperiods yielding somewhere 0.3g - 0.5per...
  17. B

    Are leds a lot cooler than hps?

    Currently running 4x 600w digital hps but having problems with the heat in my room. I already have an intake from outside and a large outtake fan so have had to turn them all down as an attempt to lower the temp (currently 33 c). what I am wondering is how much cooler would 4 led lights be...
  18. Gjames0531

    East Coast Alien and Cheese Diesel CKS 1000W HPS COCO

    Put 4 of each in solo cups last night. They split after 24 hours in water. Setting up 7 gallon smart pots tonight 70/30 coco/ perlite, Sensigrow AB, cal mag rinse on coco ph to 5.9-6.0
  19. B

    Autoflowers is less plants more yield?

    Running 3 600w hps with autos What’s my best bet to yield more I’m thinking 12? 4 per light, or would you go higher 5/6 per light?
  20. M

    Show me your electric corners/closets/walls! Share your pride.

    Share pics of your wiring/electrical area outside of your tent where your drivers, meters, wiring/splices, surge protectors, etc. are all setup. Any tips to save heartache, time, money or burning your house down? Beware of? Maybe if we get enough examples this can be a sticky or very useful...