1. Glastle

    1 gal smart pot

    I have some dvg citrus farmerin a 1 gal smart pot... its looking great in ff hf soil mixed w perlite... i recenlt got some 3 gal smart pots incase it got too big for this 1 gal. I wanted to use it as a mom and i found one or 2 tiny roots at the bottom of the smart pots. I got 5 clones and this...
  2. S

    First Time Grower Questions

    Hello everyone! I’ve been growing a plant for about 2.5 weeks now. Everything was going well, the plant looked great. I added a little bit of distilled water to the plant yesterday and checked it right now before bed. To my shock she doesn’t look good at all!? I don’t know what to do. I think...

    Secret Jardin Dark Room 2.5 DR150W 3' x 5' Grow Tent

    Secret Jardin Dark Room 2.5 DR150W 3' x 5' Grow Tent I am looking to upgrade my 3 x 3 grow tent... Does ANYONE have this tent..??? If so can you tell me about your experience with it ie quality durability strength light leaks zip quality Mylar quality ... I am also interested to see how...
  4. D

    Are these Male or female? Showing sex in veg

    About two months in on a grow, 600w light on 24 hours a day. Have not switched to flower. Three of my plants look like this. Are they male?
  5. MarsHydrofactory

    She vegged under the #TSL-2000, and flowered under the #TSW-2000 in a Mars Hydro 3' X 3' #growtent.

    #Granddaddy #Purple at Day 145 after germination, and Day 61 of Flower. She is 54" / 135cm wide and 42" / 105cm tall (from the soil), and is full size for an outdoor plant! She was grown this size to show what the Mars Hydro TS series of lights are capable of. She vegged under the #TSL-2000, and...
  6. J

    What light/lights for 4x4

    I am wanting to start off my very first grow with LED lighting,as this works best for my setup.I also just recently bought a 4x4 tent by CoolGrows which i am super stoked about. What light setups do all of you guys have in bigger tents such as a 4x4? How many mature plants can you usually fit...
  7. MisssMaryjane

    Cob led light advise?

    Hi all, Just purchased this light and I'm hoping to get some feed back and opinions on it. I plan on using it in a 3x3 tent 72 inches tall... It has Meanwell drivers. CREE CXB3590 COB LED Grow Light, CANAGROW 200W Full Spectrum LED Plant Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Dimmable Power Switch...
  8. JAMO_Grow

    Ideas for concealing Grow Tents.

    My house is currently on the market for sale, sadly there has been little success in selling. I am not growing at the moment as a result.The agent is nosy and would want to know what is in the tents, as well as potential buyers getting curious or suspicious. I was considering putting a fabric...
  9. NeWcS

    rh too high when lights off? 60%

    So I have been in a battle with PM for some time now. Nothing major and nothing that is affecting the plants. It shows up around week 6. Not on the fan leaves, but the sugar leaves, right next to the bud on some of the lowers. I haven't seen any in a couple weeks since I used Dragon Juice-PM(A...
  10. N

    Should I dunk my plant in soapy water before moving indoor?

    I want to bring in my autoflower plant which has been in my balcony since it was in seedling stage and put it inside a grow tent under 18/6 light cycle. This is my first grow and I'd appreciate any sort of good advice and education on the matter. And I have some specific questions: 1) should I...
  11. F

    Mars Hydro tents quality stuff ore crap?

    I am looking for a new tent but quality is important! How good are Mars Hydro tents? Thx
  12. F

    4x8 grow tent yield and quality

    Hey whats up guys ima put 4 cmh lights with ushio bulbs on each side of the tent 4x4 so thats 4 lights for the area might be over kill but ima see if i can increase yoeld with that or if it will be too much for the plants. See what kinda quality it pushes or if it proved to much light stress. I...
  13. Kage87

    First timer

    First time grow wondering about height of plants and options and sizes I should be aiming for with my grow 32Lx32Wx63H grow tent 4 inch fan and carbon filter 900w viparspectra reflector series led Soiless medium (promix hp) Remo nutrients Plants -o.g kush from seedling..jack herer from clone...
  14. Disjointed_Can

    Am I ready?

    Hey guys! These girls are 10 weeks old from seed autoflower m39/freezeland 1st grow ever... Harvest soon ? Looks like i can still wait 1 week or so... Just wanna make sure!!

    Air circulation/inline fan question...PLEASE HELP

    So I have a 4x4 grow tent with two 600watt LED tent is in a shed on my question is..would I need to get inline fans or could I manage with booster fans? Also, what size would be best...4in or 6in....I'd rather not pay the 69 x 2 if I can do the same with a few $21...
  16. A

    i need help with a what to buy list for a grow tent

    Things to consider: · Target yield: 1+ LB · Budget: $2500 · Growing location: House. In a valley/desert with little humidity, high heat. · I am a beginner and stealth is a must. · I want 2 tents, one for cones, or veg and one for flowering. The most trouble I have is trying to find...
  17. C

    Blue cheese 10 oz a plant ? grow journal

    Hey grower's new to the whole thread world . I am currently in week 1 of flower with an amazing looking project, would anyone like to join? Hoping to hit 45oz from 4 girls Strain ... blue cheese green house seed company. lights ... 3x600watt digi ballast. grow room... 2.4x1.2x2m...
  18. U

    Need Opinions on my Final Setup (no replies on the other thread in General D:)

    Hey guys, So after a good amount of research I have decided on this DIY COB setup that will generate 571.2W with a 65:35 (Photons:Heat Ratio). I am using a 4'x4'x7' iPyarmid Grow Tent and actually still have some questions on ventilation. But here is what I have in mind for my light setup (which...
  19. E

    COB Help!

    Like the title says I need help with these cobs that I am wiring. I thought I got everything wired up correctly but when I went and plugged it all in, Nothing. This is what I'm working with... HLG-320H-C1400B Driver 6- CXB3590 COB 36v- 3500K sets with thermal tape SST140 Passive Heatsinks...
  20. C

    Yet another question abouth lights...

    Hey you guys, I know, this is a subject reheated over and over again, I have searched many diufferent threads and forums, but failed to answer all my doubts. I have a SJ DR60 tent which is 2x2 and little shy of 6 ft high, which is quite tight. There will be some ducted ventilation in it going...