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  7. Generic.Name

    Grow Bed in a Tent

    Okay so let me preface that I'm transitioning from nutrient growing to organic growing. I have just had issues with nutrients inconsistencies in my plants and also don't like the thought of pumping my soil full of salts and killing all the beneficial life in them. I recently bought the 3CF...
  8. Scrog-Pro

    Scrog-Pro™ - The Most Advanced Scrog Nets on the Market

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to introduce our brand here on Rollitup. :mrgreen: We are Scrog-Pro™ and we make the most advanced Scrog trellis systems for grow tents available on the market. Our Story... Founded in 2017, we've been a proud family-owned, small business in the cannabis industry...
  9. C

    Airflow problems cheap tents leaking air

    So I was looking at the grow tent I set up the other day, bought from Amazon. When I realised there was light slipping thru the stitches everywhere, the zips stitching, ventilation holes stitching and even the side window panels it just uses velcro. Would this be enough to fault my air...
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    VIVOSUN survey - your opinion matters to us

    Hi farmers, Are you an indoor grower? How long have you been growing indoors? What kind of growing products do you want? In order to provide our customers with better products. We hope you can fill out the survey form: VIVOSUN survey - your opinion matters to us And then we will also select...
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    VIVOSUN New Product--AeroLight

    Total airflow and lighting control in one device. The AeroLight is the first-ever fully automatable LED grow light system that integrates a circulation fan so your plants always get cool, fresh air. Powerful, programmable, and perfect for your plants.
  12. HydroKid239

    Mars Hydro 48”x48” tent & FC4800 unboxing and set up.

    With my current grow, I wanted to try something new. Still in my learning process. I picked a 4x4 for this round to try my hand at a proper trellis grow. Nice and full. My current 27”x27” tent will be moving over for this tent. My little cloning lab will have to relocate as well. The fun part.
  13. Bunnybrew

    Cheetoz from Savage genetics

    Let's jump right in. I have 10 cheetoz clones and 2 shoog clones under 3 single ended 600watt hps lights in a 4x8 tent. 7gal pots of super soil. Enjoy!
  14. A

    plants have new growth on leaves but it's curling down in veg

    Hey y'all I just bought 2 clones and planted in jiffy pots wit black gold soil. I know at the time it was the only soil I had. The clones have new growth however all the leaves curl down and new brownish spots have appeared. Please help before they die!!!!
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  18. WubbaLubbaDubDub

    Wubba’s geekbeast journal

    Hey everyone @GeekBeast has sent me a new light to do a journal with. It’s a monster board pro 2400. The light will be arriving today so I figured I’ll start my seeds for this run. Hopefully they all start I’m excited about them all. HSO - Chemdawg Freedom of seeds- GodBerry Garden of green-...
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    VIVOSUN 4X4 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent Setup Guide

    How to set up VIVOSUN 4X4 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent View more: