1. meangreengrowinmachine

    Living Soil Seeds Double Yahmba!

    Got my first pack of kid kaya seeds from living soil seeds today. Anyone else score anything? I got double Yahmba... maybe if I get a keeper could trade some clones if anyone else got some different varieties!
  2. max316420

    Has anyone dealt with

    So I’m looking for a few strains that seeds aren’t available any longer or are super hard to find, so I’ve been hunting for a reputable cuttings nursery that’s legit and won’t break the bank. I stumbled upon (they’re also on and they seem to have some very sought after...
  3. T

    Dwc ace killer og grow follow on YouTube

    Hey everyone new to this forum wanted to introduce myself. I’ve been growing around 3 years started in soil and quickly moved to hydroponics. I still do soil every now and then on the side but will always have ladies in my grow room. I grow from seed to get a mother started then I run her...
  4. lizzit

    2023 A new beginning.

    We will be journaling our search for our next mother plants. This grow is our personal strains. Details of lineage and information will be posted later. We welcome you to watch our grow. Please feel free to comment / troll / wtf ever just don't expect me to respond with anything but more grow...
  5. 9

    Any Arizona growers around here?

    I’m looking for other growers in Arizona for seed or clone trades, discuss solutions to our environmental challenges in the desert, and just to connect with locals that enjoy the same hobby. Hope to hear from ya.
  6. E

    Ph Down, good or bad?

    Does anybody use PH down in their clone feed? Do you think it can have a negative impact on clones?
  7. 420mlet

    Clones not rooting with aeroponic

    Hey lads Im having real hard time doing clones just got my self x-strwam aeroponic and Im finding hard to do clones as I tryed with just water and loaded not much coning out, its been a week but no roots, Should I use just normal water 6,0ph or should I add any of these as Clonex Formulex...
  8. 420mlet

    Clones with aeroponic machine water formule

    Hey lads Im having real hard time doing clones just got my self x-stream aeroponic and Im finding hard to do clone as I tryed with just water and loaded with nute but no roots, Should I use just normal water 6,0ph or should I add any of these as Clonex Formulex Biobizz roots Canna Ryzhotonic ...
  9. Rubisco456

    Callus Formation in Clones

    Straight up: What is your opinion on the importance and the role that callus formation plays in the cloning process? Do you use callus formation as an indicator of successful clones? Do you care about callus formation? Do you induce its formation? I’ve been doing a lot of research on plant...
  10. P

    Flowering clones

    I cut 12 clones about 2 weeks into flowering. I used clonex gel on 4, another gel on 4, and no gel on 4. (Aeroponics) all 12 started to get root buds at the same time But never actually got roots.( I think it was a humidity issue)I finally put them into some dirt in a self watering container...
  11. Johnbopper

    I'm getting discouraged.

    These clones were planted 6-10-22. And they have done nothing but look like this. I am stumped. Water with ph balanced tap. I have upgraded to a better light thinking I wasn't giving it enough with my crappy original one. I have successfully cloned and harvested twice now still new to this.
  12. H

    where to buy clones for NY rec. mkt

    Ive had some trouble with a known nursey. getting pm indoors climate controlled room. has anyone heard good things about any out there? ive reached out to: homegrown, mendo, bigdaddy, maine clone, klone colorado but i dont know how to discern quality.
  13. J

    Rooted clones are drooping and yellowing a couple days after transplant from plugs to soil.

    I used the brown clone plugs for a batch of clones with clonex rooting gell. Two weeks later the majority were ready to transplant. I transplanted them in small pots of bio bizz light mix soil and a half a low strenght amout of bio gro and hygrozyme as well as some microbes. I dunk the clone...
  14. calvin.m16

    Clones with new 3 blade leaves? (no light issues or changes) WTF?!

    So I've been taking clones for a few years with great success.. Until recently.. I took some cuts of Gorilla Breath and everything was going fine until I noticed the top growth was throwing 3 blade leaves out? The plants were under 18/6 lighting and there have been no issues with the timer...
  15. A

    plants have new growth on leaves but it's curling down in veg

    Hey y'all I just bought 2 clones and planted in jiffy pots wit black gold soil. I know at the time it was the only soil I had. The clones have new growth however all the leaves curl down and new brownish spots have appeared. Please help before they die!!!!
  16. B

    How are these girls looking??

    Hello to all. These are my Apple fritter and grape drank clones. They are 5 weeks old. I switched to 12/12 9 days ago. I had issues with some lower leaves turning yellow. I didn’t feed any bites for two weeks. I think there doing OK!! I have them under a BP-3000 light and A TSW-2000 light. Fox...
  17. SunWorshipper

    Re-vegged clones now flowering

    Hi all. So I shouldn’t have gone with clones that were indoor. Realize this now. But here’s the down low: I grow organically outdoors in raised beds. My girls that were flowering months ago, went into re-veg cycle with the light cycle change and had the crazy single-bladed leaves. So I treated...
  18. atwell1288


    I started these girls on 7/10 and I only have one really strong one, this is weird to me because they all came from the same gene of seed ( I have 3 bubblegum feminized plants growing ). Anyways I have a heating pad and then a thin piece of plastic over top of the heating pad and then the...
  19. P

    First grow

    This is my first grow and just want a more experienced grower to tell me how they look. Started as clones from what I was told was gg#4 strain.
  20. ddeck96

    Reg seeds or fem seeds for pheno hunt?

    I’ve always grown from seed, but now I want to grow from a mother plant. I plan on just popping a shitload of beans and picking the best one for the mother. So my question is this: Does it matter if the seeds are feminized or regular? I’ve heard some people say it doesn’t matter, but some say...