Organic tea watering during a scrog question

Eric Purr

Hello, i had recently just finished my first harvest and i am now starting again, but this time I'm going for a organic scrog. my only dilemma is, I'm not sure how i can feed my plants with my tea through their soil after they have filled up the net? I'm not sure how to get across my tent to the other plants. any suggestions?


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You can automate watering using the 1/4th the container size in water rule. Or just do it by hand... I have a watering bucket I use and if I only fill it half full I can almost turn it sideways without spilling so I can really reach back far. It's a standard plant watering bucket with a long spout that I took the end off so it just pours a stream of water. I like watering by hand when growing in soil it gives me something to actually do

Dr. Who

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Tube and funnel built into screen or simply insert as needed and remove.
Leave a bit of space for it......pour slowly