scrog set up

  1. 9BestBudz0

    What do you guys think so far ?

    Do you think my net is to low on them? Made the net myself. But works good lol :peace::leaf::weed:
  2. B

    Controlling Height of Autoflowers

    Hi I am thinking of purchasing a 18” wide, 24” deep and 30” high cabinet (due to money and size constraints), also have ordered a few seeds of diesel and widow auto. My question is how do i keep the height of the plants small so they dont outgrow my cabinet, as i feel they might do. its going...
  3. Salah82

    First Scrog....How high to go with my scrog net/plants, how long do i veg 8 weeks??

    Need to know how long i can veg in a 2x2' space scrogging my plant......would love to go the full 8 weeks veg that i usually do. Also, what pot size would you guys recommend in that space?! 13 gallon overkill???! Maybe 9 Gallon?! Would love to hear back from dudes who have experience scrogging...
  4. Salah82

    Plan: 2x 38 Gallon pots. Scrog in a 8x4 tent need advise,height......

    Whats up my brothers, Never scroged before but i am eyeing to scrog here soon, two giant plant bags, 24x24x16 inches each. Question: My tent is a 8x4 and 7.2 feet high. Grow time is no problem, but how high do i set my scrog screen since i have a pretty high tent to get the optimum out of...
  5. FirstTimeGrwrLngTmSmkr

    Grow bag recommendation

    Im looking to get a 7gallon grow bag fif my plant before I set her under the scrog. I gotta go through Amazon, so if anyone has a suggestion for a quality fabric pot I'd really appreciate your help. Blue cookies 15 days into veg LST Black Rootz Soil In a 1 gallon pot going to transplant into a...
  6. FirstTimeGrwrLngTmSmkr

    Scrog question

    My plant is 12 days into Flowering and I'm wondering if it's too late to place a scrog net attached to 4' bamboo poles? Hindu Kush Black Rootz soil Indoor 1plant Phantom CMh 315
  7. Louisjr

    Looking for advice

    Hello my set-up I have is 21 5 gallon pots in a 4’ by 8’ with 2 1200watt lights. My plants are very bushy i been pruning and bending them like crazy, they all seem some what at the same level. The question is or advice I’m looking for is would it be useful still to SCROG? I just put the net up...
  8. peracho

    scroging - When

    Hello all. I want to scrog but ive never built or used one. Wanted to know the best and least expensive way to do so. If anyone has some methods they use and are relatively cheap. Please do tell. Also, when should I put this up. During veg, flowering?, right before flowering? Ive attached some...
  9. HydroCannaCreations

    Waterfarm 5x5 SCROG Grow - Looking for Tips, Tricks, and Advice

    Hi there everyone! HCC here, new to the site, and new to the scene. Pretty excited to get this new indoor setup up and running. Since I joined to start a journal for this grow, and I'm constantly hitting the forums for tips and tricks, I figured i might as well start a thread of my own to get...
  10. sunchild_sc

    Trellis help!

    Hello guys, I'm 28 days in from receiving my clones and wanted to know if I could maybe add my trellis net to the setup, they are super bushy and the top node is now reaching a substantial amount above the rest of the branches. beginner grower so appreciate any advice. thanks
  11. E

    Organic tea watering during a scrog question

    Hello, i had recently just finished my first harvest and i am now starting again, but this time I'm going for a organic scrog. my only dilemma is, I'm not sure how i can feed my plants with my tea through their soil after they have filled up the net? I'm not sure how to get across my tent to the...
  12. suavekasso

    tahoe og scrog 3x3 100watt tent

    whatsup everyone im doing a 3 plant tahoe og scrog in a 3x3 tent . 1000 watt light using advanced nutrients full line alone with some extras like ful-power and snow storm ultra... im starting this thread a little late...its already week 2 of flower but ill post up what i have so far (i...
  13. Sal Baretta

    Helpful grower!!!!

    hi my name is Sal Baretta, I been growing for a few years now if I can be any help don't hasitate to pop a question p. I might not know it all I learn something new everyday. Here's a few pics of my grow going now 2- 4x4 tents 600 watt hps one has sensi super skunk one has blue dream, black...