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The Setup a 6'x6.5' toilet transformed into a 3 light rotation. bottom area for flowering cut into 2 sections.
The right side is split into a lower and an upper compartment. i have a build a custom closet for it. Adjacent to this toilet is another tiny room leading to the toilet. Which is 4.9' x 3'.That is VEG #2.

To make it easier i have labeled as follows:
F1: On the right in the enclosure that i built closet. 2x 400 watts HID
F2: On the left. 2x 400 watts HID
Veg 1:In a closet above F1. Fluorescents
Veg 2: Outside the Toilet. includes the AC unit and Mother plants. (ventilation is going to be upgraded to a close system with Co2) tho i have never tried CO2. will see:). Currently it is vented. 2 x 200 watts flood light LEDs.

the room went threw a major change as i have added allot of light in the flowering area and thank god i as able to read that i will burn them before i started flower! :clap: but that costed me around a 1000$ plus. :wall: dam you testosterone!:hump: anyhow. U will see in the before and after pictures...

I dont have pics for Veg 2 but soon

Setup overview:Setup overview.jpg Veg 1 & F1
vegging & Flower.jpg
Ceiling 1.JPG

Inside F1:
F1 Initial light.JPG
F1 Air IN:
Vent for F1.JPG



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F1 Area First day of flower:
First Day.JPG

F1 Week 2 of flower: i was disappointed expected them to grow bigger and stretch more. Will Veg longer next time I vegged for 1 weeks only.
F1 Week 2.JPG