indoor grow set up

  1. F

    Big Speaker Grow Box advice please???

    Hi all, been reading this site for a little while, this is my first post and i am about to venture into the growing game, i've been smoking and paying too much for shit food these days and i'm done.. I need advice from you guys on here please, on the best equipment you can recommend to do the...
  2. S

    Grow tent set up

    Hi all. Looking for a little advice for someone more experienced here. Little background first, I recently purchased a complete grow tent kit from a hydroponics store near me and was hopeful to start a small grow in my bedroom. I was researching some kits and finally decided on a Bay6 Grow...
  3. Spiderfarmerled

    From Seed to Harvest Ak kush and Cindy 99

    Light: Spider Farmer SF 2000 LED Strain:Ak kush and Cindy 99 Seed-Feb 26 March 12 March 26 Flower-April 29 Harvest-May 24
  4. H

    What are you looking for in a Indoor Grow?

    Hi, my name is Chaz, a Canadian with a green thumb. I am looking for some advice on a product that I am thinking about bringing to market. It's "Herb", a 16"x24"x70", indoor grow box, equipped with a 300 W full spectrum Led light and ventilation fans hooked up to a smart switch. Do you think...
  5. Zbud94

    4x12 led build HLG elite 96 v2 OR bridgelux EB gen 2

    Whats going on everyone, in the planning stages of building an led to cover a 4x12 grow space once we get settled into our new home! The 4x12 area will be broken down into 3 separate 4x4 trays will most likely be using Autopots (testing them out as we speak) Right now im rocking a 260 watt...
  6. Claflin_BU

    Your thoughts on my setup

    Hey guys, This is my third grow and going into the second week of flowering. Would love to hear what you guys think of my setup (indoor grow tent) . BESTVA 1200 watt led 27" from canopy 3x3ft foliage 6" blow fan Improvised Intake/exhaust fans Id particularly be interested to know if you think...
  7. FirstTimeGrwrLngTmSmkr

    Grow bag recommendation

    Im looking to get a 7gallon grow bag fif my plant before I set her under the scrog. I gotta go through Amazon, so if anyone has a suggestion for a quality fabric pot I'd really appreciate your help. Blue cookies 15 days into veg LST Black Rootz Soil In a 1 gallon pot going to transplant into a...
  8. Louisjr

    Looking for advice

    Hello my set-up I have is 21 5 gallon pots in a 4’ by 8’ with 2 1200watt lights. My plants are very bushy i been pruning and bending them like crazy, they all seem some what at the same level. The question is or advice I’m looking for is would it be useful still to SCROG? I just put the net up...
  9. speero78

    4 Light Rotation compact GROW

    The Setup a 6'x6.5' toilet transformed into a 3 light rotation. bottom area for flowering cut into 2 sections. The right side is split into a lower and an upper compartment. i have a build a custom closet for it. Adjacent to this toilet is another tiny room leading to the toilet. Which is 4.9' x...
  10. Cannabis.Queen

    My light came in! Yay!

    So I went back and forth in a light decision and finally decided and got it and wow! Now I only have photos of the light , not it set up yet or anything. Works got me beat lol and I have to finish painting, seeds aren't in yet so really just waiting for the seeds. I have my blueberry clone and...