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  • Hello Moflow! I have a Kingbrite 240w and my space is 2x4. I was wondering at what wattage I should run this light and at what height for each stages of growing. Right now I am at seedling stage and it is all the way dimmed at 20inches. Do you know what the wattage value all the way dimmed is? Thank you very much!
    Hello Moflow i buy Fotops 600 watt from Rita ...You could help me in connecting the quantum board ,I know very well the driver dimmer etc but the board .....thanks
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    Never used the 600h It has 1 wire on left to plug into mains supply and 3 sets on right side of driver. One set is for a potentiometer
    I'd try and wire it with one red + and one black - to each board.
    One set of wires to each board.
    If you have any difficulty please ask the question in the led section as a few people have bought that same light you have and could fire up a pic or diagram.
    Any other companies you would reccomend for direct from China? I saw in a post below you mentioned R2T. I like their boards with the epileds but I'm not sure if in in the market for 10 boards.
    Hey you based on forum searches you seem to have experience with Meijiu LED boards (Shenzhen Meijiu Lighting Co.). Would you reccomend Meijiu LED board or R2T LED boards? Bottom line is the quality of these boards on par with US-based distributors?

    You have a voltage range of 43 - 52v on the 320 48A driver if you look at data sheet.
    Hi Moflow! Awesome threads! I just got 2 Fotop 800 from Meijiu. Could you tell me what the best driver option is for these boards? I have the impression that the hlg-600 is overkill? I'm on a budget too. Thanks for your awesome info! Also, what would you recommend for supplemental lighting?
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    1 x HLG 320H 48A driver per board or 480h 48A driver for 2 boards, same sorta set up as the 4 qb set up on their HLG550
    600 is ok too. Just don't run full whack on drivers, there's no need unless you have some headroom
    But if these boards are 800 x 3w diodes, that's max 480? Why the extra 120w?
    These qb's from r2t .
    Looking awsome,
    Is that the board with reduced blue (Not 100%)?
    Do you have a Email Adresse from russel(Not sure to find the right one ;)
    Russell zou
    R2T Industry(H.K) Ltd
    T: 86 755 23593696 | | M: 86-13923883246
    E: [email protected]
    Skype: Russellzou_ledskd
    Whatapp/Wechat: +86-13923883246
    Products Showroom on

    Not sure what you mean 100% Blue? But the SPD chart looks ok for blue. I've Growgreen boards with a bit more blue than QBs and they grow well.
    Thanks a Lot !!!
    Didnt you said that ther was to much blue bevor, and he changer it on this board from 100% to 80% in the colurfull chart ;)
    My driver 2x HLG-320H-C1050B for 12 cobs cxb3590. I think half-half 6x 3000K 80 or 90 CRI and 6x 3500K 80 CRI + 60w Emerson Effect by rapidly.

    What is the calculation that I make to add the uv? Being that it gets 600w of cob + 60w from far red.

    Uv led is still quite expensive, you're better off with T5 arcadia desert tubes, say 2 x 30 to 40 watts for a nice spread..
    Build the hours up slowly or Agromax tubes - super powerful tho.
    Contact @Randomblame for more details as he is using UV tubes and he knows the 'correct' amount to give the plants
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