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    Impulse Grow #1

    you could get 2 lights on each side simply by putting a "Y" splitter in the sockets you have the CFL's in.
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    Enough light or should I add more?

    Home Depot! get some power strips (surge protected) and zip tie/tape/whatever them vertically to the sides of your cab. then get the plug to light socket adapter and put a "Y" splitter in it. then you can have up to 6 bulbs per side most likely. this is the plug to socket adapter if you...
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    Enough light or should I add more?

    if heat isn't an issue I'd get the HPS, you'll get better penetration. keep the CFLs on the side to supplement though.
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    Enough light or should I add more? 150w hps for $70 but I would keep the CFL's with...
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    Anyone has a (weed) budget control problem?

    Currently I'm still buying from a dealer so I smoke as much as my budget allows. My current grow won't be done for quite some time now, but I'm hoping to get around 5-6 oz. I doubt that it will last me long enough for a new set of plants to finish, maybe if I go from clone, but that's it.
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    400 watt white widow x big bud closet grow

    I hope my ww x bb turn out this nice. they're just a few weeks old now, just got their first 5 leaf-ers the other day.
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    MacGyver Ventilation

    if you're really doing this, cardboard works great as ducting. you can fold it into any shape. I have seen legit HVAC guys use cardboard in a pinch to make a (temporary) fitting. but I suppose you could use it in a permanent location as long as there isn't TOO much heat.
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    Assembling my first micro grow, really need good advice

    you can absolutely get good bud from CFL only grows. but honestly I bet that fan of yours will be able to keep the 150w hps cool just fine. you could DIY a cool tube if you don't already have one. there are a few threads about it on RIU
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    b00z00's Ghetto Garbage Can Growbox

    sheeeeeit, 85.5 is awesome with no fans! slap a small fan facing the plants and 1 or 2 computer fans in the top somewhere. then make an intake somehow, just cut a hole in the trash can or whatever and light proof it. you'll be in the upper 70's with ease!
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    THE SpACE CaB : STEALTH CFL / Home Depot Cabinet / Kerala x Skunk #1 & Bag Seed Grow

    hell yeah man, this looks good. I'm interested to see how that KS turns out. I got 2 of those freebies from herbies as well. I popped 3 of their female seeds White Widow x Big Bud seeds not long before you. that was an awesome show. the ref was Mills Lane, he was a real boxing ref, and...
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    b00z00's Ghetto Garbage Can Growbox

    I guess RIU disabled the like feature, but you both get an LOL from me.
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    b00z00's Ghetto Garbage Can Growbox

    with good exhaust fans and maybe keeping it near a cool air source for intake you could be good there... probably wont be able to put too many bulbs though... and that I would most definitely wrap some electrical tape around those wire-nuts for security. you don't want to break any bulbs in an...
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    Landlord problem, any advice or comments appr.

    check out the DIY section here they have some awesome stealth box designs you can straight up copy. if you have a bit of handyman in you it shouldn't be too difficult.
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    Grow light
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    Window AC

    I find 10-12k btu portable A/C units on craigslist for 120-175 bucks all the time.