1. CoastalMarySeeds

    New strains from Aeque Genetics at Coastal Mary Seeds

    Hi everyone, Last weeks sale was a big hit for us and due to customer request, we’ve decided to keep it going with new strains We have Zkittlez photo period, Green Crack photo period and Strawberry Cheese Autoflower You can find that here We've also added a bunch of new autoflower feminised...
  2. D

    Nomad Seed Bank, good or scam?

    Hi everyone! So after a big night of going down the rabbit hole of weed strains to grow next, I came across Nomad seed bank and it has some strains I wouldn't mind trying, but it seems bit dodgy. Has anyone heard of them, or even used them? Regards D
  3. S

    DNA Genetics

    Lost a few dna strains last year tried multiple times to replace them with attitude seeds paid extra for stealth but everything is getting seized at customs not sure what’s up. Never had this problem before been using them for over 10 years. Any us based banks offering dna genetics specifically...
  4. CoastalMarySeeds

    Continuing our flash sale from Coastal Mary

    Hi everyone, Last weeks sale was a big hit for us and due to customer request, we've decided to keep it going with new strains We have White Widow, Pineapple Express and Strawberry Cheesecake. You can find that here The White Widow and Pineapple are photo fem and the Strawberry Cheesecake are...
  5. BigMoistDaddy

    What site has the best genetics and deals?

    I started with I love growing marijuana and now I just shop at North Atlantic seed company
  6. Premium Seed Market

    Feminized Seed Drop & Updates

    Hello Rollitup Forum! We haven't posted in a while so we wanted to let you all know we recently added our very first line of Feminized Seed to our menu! Here is a link to our main page: Also make sure to check out our Customer Review page as well as our IG page...
  7. CoastalMarySeeds

    Restock and new additions from Elev8seeds

    Hi everyone, We've just added a few new feminised seed strains from Elev8 genetics. Also restocked on a few favourites Dont forget to use the code ROLLITUP15 for 15% off You can see them here!
  8. H

    Ethos or Sincity Seeds Quattro Kush multipack

    hey guys, so im looking at purchasing some seeds. I was looking at the new lineup from Sincity Seeds - the Thumbprints strain(sinking cookies x rascal berries) or Chubby melon (watermelon zum yum X rascal berries. $100 per pack from ethos I was considering their Quattro Kush multipack. 7...
  9. deewekomSi

    1:1 seeds

    Hey guys, been lookin around but figured before I pull another trigger, I’d put the feelers out there to see what people think are the best 1:1 (THC:CBD) ratio beans out there? Or a very similar ratio (2:1, 1:2) Looking for more sativa like qualities, preferably. Trustworthy banks or breeders...
  10. CoastalMarySeeds

    We're Coastal Mary and are offering 15% off everything on site with code ROLLITUP15

    Hi everyone, We've just joined this site and have setup a coupon code for everything in store. We're based in Vancouver B.C but ship to the US/Australia/UK and others Everything comes stealth shipped with tracking. If people have any questions, feel free to ask away.
  11. VictorFlorez

    Bonsai mothers from seeds?

    Apologies if this has been answered before, I've looked around and couldn't find the info I need. All the info I can find about creating bonsai mothers, such as this says to start new mothers from cuttings. This makes...
  12. Armyofsprout

    Oreo cookies “oeroz” seeds

    Anywhere legit I can get some?
  13. M

    Seeds in Rapid Rooter

    So I popped some seeds in the rapid rooter and have my room at about 72 degrees and 55% rh. Should I leave the dome on and slowly vent? Or no dome? Also should I add any light during this stage if so how much and if not when? I have many questions
  14. max316420

    Well this is embarrassing….

    Hey guys I’m kinda embarrassed to have to ask this question but I can’t find any info about this anywhere. Ok so I scooped some beans from fat cat labs of purple flamingo. So I do my usual way of germinating them by putting them into seed starting soil and wetting it. This has always worked for...
  15. Barry's Natural Farms

    Barry's Natural Farms TGA MzJill genetics Purple Afghani Kush S1 giveaway

    Celebrate our new look with a free pack of TGA MzJill Genetics Purple Afghani Kush S1 (Fem) 6 pack of seeds ! Post your pictures of your best Kush grows(Indoor/Greenhouse/Outdoors/Underground lairs etc.) ALL Kush hybrids accepted. The winning picture will be chosen by a member of our team...
  16. Barry's Natural Farms

    Barry's Natural Farms - Rare Premium Seeds

    We are excited to share our passion for elite Cannabis genetics with you! We have collected cultivars from the worlds best breeders to help share and preserve these masterpieces. Our mission is to offer these genetics at the lowest possible prices, because everyone deserves the best! Free...
  17. S

    Fem reversal question

    So I tried to fem reverse a godfather og got some colloidal silver 40ppm and sprayed 3 times a day for 22 days starting 4 days before 12/12. It made pollen and I let it pollinate the other half of plant. Grown in its own 3x3 tent. Seeds I got off it are showing male. Was 100 % fem to start off A...
  18. Johiem


    A few weeks ago while stoned and disappointed that I was usable to save the genetics of my Beast Mode Auto, last seed and didn't have the chems or time to flip, pollinate, and allow seeds to mature. So I hit her with some femmed pollen from my Caramelicious auto and unless I'm mistaken the white...
  19. FPVGrow


    Looking to buy some seeds within the US preferably EAST COAST but can do WEST COAST if shipping is decent and pricing is decent? Haven't bought in quite a while so seeing who/what's out there "locally" now! TIA
  20. wheresthekoosh

    Seeds direct from Breeder

    Its nice to be able to grab packs directly from the breeder from time to time. I know of a few, post some more if you know them. Cannaventure - Csi Humboldt - Founding Fathers - Doc's Dank -...