1. F

    Fast Growth, 3x normal, weird deformities, uneven growth between plants. Looking for some opinions

    All data pertaining to growth will be in RED, story is in BLACK and my questions are at the bottom in BLUE for the TL;DR people *2 LED lights 1'x1' 15W ea. Producing 70% blue 15% red or wave lengths 380nm to 600nm that are 10" from plants. (Built them myself, if you are interested in what...
  2. E

    Need Help From Someone Who Is Familiar With Autoflowering Outdoors.

    As the title says, I'm over here beyond confused to the point I had to come on here due to finding so much conflicting information online and through the multiple resources I've picked up. While I'm not a veteran grower, I would like some input from someone who is familiar with this situation...
  3. Blackketch

    Hermie in 2nd week flower | Few balls on lower branch

    Good morning guys, last night I checked the plants thoroughly and found that one of the plants was hermaphrodite. No, I am not talking about bananas or nanners but really the balls. (I am at the beginning of the third week of flowering). I noticed that the plant produced single balls (so not...
  4. FarmerRock

    Ayahuasca Purple, Week 6

    Not a purple pheno, increasing lights-off temp drop variation hasn't forced anything. Hoping for some late colour. Pungent lemon, diesel, gasoline and trailing pine. Starting to smell some earthy, dark fruit notes forming as we begin week 6. Not what we were expecting, but she's pretty...
  5. Amateur-Grower

    Good place to buy seeds

    I live in the USA. Looking for a good seed bank website mostly for sativas. Been using ILGM and wanted to switch things up a bit. Saw Ace Seeds had some good looking plants, but the one that I wanted to try was sold out already.
  6. Yesyes3000

    Massachusetts outdoor strain help please?!?!

    Hey folks hope all is well. I’m looking for some strains to grow outdoors in Massachusetts that are exotic. So I want some indica leaning hybrids with great bag appeal and decent yields but I’m 100% open to suggestions. Every year so far I’ve had some issues with my outdoor. This year I grew...
  7. MAGpie81

    Seeds from molded bud; genetic effect?

    Coastal NorCal humidity and September rain destroyed a few of my plants with botrytis mold (I strongly suspect), two of which were seeded. I’m honestly okay with that, and am actually hoping it will carry a genetic resistance but could it go the other way? -or no effect? One of the plants is...
  8. DETH Grow

    Used Colloidal Silver, reversed to male, took out pollen, Did Pollination but Got No Seed... HELP!!

    Hi everyone, as you have already guessed the situation by reading heading. I did everything to get me a viable seed but that did not work out. Any suggestion? Colloidal Silver 50ppm through Amazon worked out great and made me a pollen by reversing female plant but the pollen did not make any...
  9. BigMoistDaddy

    What site has the best genetics and deals?

    I started with I love growing marijuana and now I just shop at North Atlantic seed company
  10. S

    Seeded flower.. Help please

    Good morning, I have a box with 16 plants and yesterday while checking I found one plant (which had actually kind of stuck and smells less) with a nice big seed in the tip of one top...I picked it up and it is almost ripe, I proceeded to check the whole plant but I didn't find any other seeds or...
  11. B

    Germanated seeds?

    I'm on my 2nd grow and have a couple seeds which i'm not sure if they're germanated? They're showing a crack along the seem but no taproot is appearing (one of them has one slightly showing) I've had them in a paper towel / seal lock bag for 2 days in a room ~25C and this is the first i've...
  12. VictorFlorez

    Bonsai mothers from seeds?

    Apologies if this has been answered before, I've looked around and couldn't find the info I need. All the info I can find about creating bonsai mothers, such as this says to start new mothers from cuttings. This makes...
  13. W

    Help! I dug up a seed

    Hey everyone, I planted a Gorilla Zkittlez seed 7 days ago, and it still hadn’t germinated. The soil around the seed had dried out on one occasion so I wondered if maybe that was why. being as anxious and impatient as I am, I decided to inspect today, and dug up a seed in the middle of...
  14. J


    So I didn’t know much about growing a few weeks ago but have really been researching it. I used one of those electronic plant growers and put some seeds I had from weed from the dispensary. I didn’t think they would sprout but I am getting proper lighting on it now. How am i going to transfer...
  15. PhillupJane

    Best Germination Method

    I've fooled around with various methods of germination throughout the years and tbh most of them are garbage and lead to stunted plants! I've also noticed that a plant stunted from birth will never be as big as a plant that was never stunted! It will try to catch up but will remain in the other...
  16. E

    Man I wish I knew what happened.

    I found a hermie. I think. One banana. But couldn’t find any pollen sacs. Now I have seeds in the rest of my babies. But it doesn’t seem to have spread to live everywhere. One bud that was right next to that place is covered. But then some other top buds have one or no seeds on outside. Any...
  17. 4

    Producing seeds from one Feminized Autoflower

    I'm going to plant a feminized autoflower seed bought from dutch-passion and I would like to get seeds out of it. My goal is to produce pollen from one branch and to pollinate the other branches' flowers with it to produce seeds As I've understood, I either need to spray STS, Colloidal Silver...
  18. G

    Does any of you guys know the seedbanks that reships till I get em?

    I mean It seems like most of guaranteed shipping option offered by seedbanks only reship once. So I wonder does any of you guys know the seedbanks that reship till I get them or offer guaranteed shipping that reships multiple times till I get em, NOT ONCE. Help me to get the seeds. Possessing...
  19. G

    MSNL Guaranteed shipping

    Please use this template for posting a seedbank review. Selection: (Plenty of choice? Describe + marks out of 10) 10 sativa seeds Price: (Good value for money? Describe + marks out of 10) about 50 dollars, 5 out of 10 Service: (Consider time taken to receive seeds, any prolems with packaging...
  20. Dontjudgeme

    Banana Blaze Auto By Durban

    Somebody help me make my mind up with throwing this little B!$@& in the dumpster. 30 days from sprout and not a single preflower. 2 or more people say male and she’s outta here. I’ve grown my fair share of autos and never seen this.