1. R

    Are my plants ready for harvest?

    Please help me know harvest time if I'm aiming for 15-25% amber trichomes max. Plants where early flushed 2 times and given 500ppm of nutes last feed. help me know the harvest time please
  2. dimitridontas

    Is she ready for harvest special kush

    Is my girl ready for harvest for some strange reason I'm I'm not sure cut or not cut I need a opinion is she foxtailing or is it the strain...
  3. D

    Never seen this on a leaf. Have you?

    Fellow growers, what's happening! I swear every run I run into some kind of new problem that I was unaware of! This round I have a maui wauii that is very strange. Its yellow striped which looks like an excess of calcium, but the weird part is it's all bubbly/pimplely, the whole plant. It's...
  4. H

    Broken weed stem

    A table fell on my plant. I used whatever I had at home to try my best to revive it please can anyone give me advice
  5. A


    Hello My plant is in need and I don’t know what to do!
  6. Fred444

    1st time Curing with Boveta packs.

    I just finished my dry and I decided to Cure buds with a Boveta pack.. How long should I cure? .. I'll leave some pictures for those who are curious.
  7. K

    Droopy plant, help please?

    Hey, *You guys are awesome, thanks for all the suggestions.* so my girls are just under 3 weeks old. I’ve been watering with a very light nutrient mix up until the past 4 waters maybe (every other day) I’ve used 1-2ml per litre of water. The past two times have just been ph’d water though...
  8. W

    Possible heat stress?(brownish hairs)

    Hey guys I was curious if this is heat stress or if it’s just getting closer to flower (brownish hairs) room stays around 74-76 degrees during the day and a cool 65 at night with Rh around 45% LED light is about 28 inches from canopy
  9. C

    Is my plant dead ???

    Hi people just a quick question, I am 2 weeks into flower and I took all of my plants out out the tent yesterday to cut any big leaves off and while I was putting them back in the top of one of my plants snapped and is hanging down, is there anything I can do about this? I will upload pic. Any...
  10. fowleraa91

    So many problems :(

    I have been trying to figure out wtf to do with my nutrients and when ever i try and fix it, i just keep making it worse. I really need help guys. I also don't know if I have any light burn so please advise on that pictures are here. Please feel free to ask questions.
  11. T

    1 White Widow FEM + SCROG + APICAL

    Hi everyone, here im posting my beautiful White Widow FEM with 26 days of life since germination. 6 days ago i realized a apical pruning, for best lateral growing and more branches for my future SCROG. Here i have som specs of my in Iluminatión: LED 70w 7000k (I already bought a LED 200w full...
  12. dallywallyfc

    Tips for drying in confined spaces

    Hi! I’m currently growing 3 healthy female plants for my first time in Aus & they’ve been growing since November last year. I did attempt to grow a plant two years ago but didn’t have a clue on what I was doing and it turned male on me from overwatering & weather (wind) damage. The 3 I have now...
  13. A

    Need help URGENTLY!!

    I have been getting this problem recently and i dont know what it is, first i thought it was a calmag deficiency so i bought calmag+ been going good then it happened again leaves turning a rust brown and to this plant. Its a gelato og clone . Any help would be truly appreciated
  14. N

    What could be wrong with my plants?

    Please can any veterans help a new grower out? I'm growing two different strains both autoflowers 1 x Solomatic RQS and the other 1 x Northern Lights RQS. They are growing in a 120cm space tote with the following: Equipment: 40/60 mix of Gro-Sure Perlite, 10 L and Westland Compost Multipurpose...
  15. Snoopy36

    3 different pests under scope - what are these?

    Hello all, I know I’m screwed, but for the sake of cleaning and spraying my veg plants... can anyone help with what these pests could be?? I found something green, something brown, and the clear one looks to be a spider mite to me. I took a video of the scope and screen shot them. These plants...
  16. C

    Autoflower assistance needed

    hey so back again with my autoflower havent noticed any growth in a week palnt wise ie no fattening of buds/flowers no new leaf growth Nada any ideas guy as far as my yellowing leaves now they've started going brown bronze on more leaves have added flowering nutes hasn't helped the issue...
  17. S

    Mystery plant?

    This morning a buddy was over smoking a couple we went out and looked at the garden n he was checking out my plants asked me why one was such a lighter green then the rest. N Told him it was good and to Be honest the plant he’s talking about I didn’t even plant it sprouted in a corner of A...
  18. C

    Yellow leaves auto week 5

    hey my autoflower 5 weeks 2 days old some off bottom leaves are yellow is normal or what could be causing it??
  19. C

    Help black patches on leaves

    Hey guys need your assistance again growing an autoflower plants have noticed some black on a few leaves its 15 days from when it popped up so haven't been giving it any nutrients as of yet(planned to start nutes in week 3) grown in canna terra professional soil so soil ph is 6.0 by default ive...
  20. J

    do I flush now

    I started my flush and by flush I mean giving plain water but unsure if it was to early do I carry on with plain water Still or give feed in 3 days am growing with bio bizz.