1. MarsHydrofactory

    ⚡️2022 Mars Hydro Grow Journal Contest-Win FC-E LED Grow Light!⚡️

    2022 Mars Hydro Grow Journal contest Good day, RIU members and Mars Hydro Fams, thanks for all the kind support & love in past years, Mars hydro has been 13 years since 2009 in the market and received a good response from growers. We are so glad to see many of you using mars items, and this...
  2. Severed Tongue

    Mars Hydro grow journal TSW2000 "Red Dragon " in 3×3

    For Contest Entry FC6500 My 1st indoor grow Using Miracle-Gro potting soil in 5 gallon fabric pots. Feed was plain tap water, every 2 weeks Miracle-Gro 24-8-16 plant food in veg. Rotating Miracle-Gro 15-30-15, 24-8-16, and then plain water in flower. Marshydro TSW1000 was used in "2.8 x 2.8...
  3. MarsHydrofactory

    Mars Hydro Growing Journal Contest 2021: Win SP6500 LED!

    Hey, my dear Mars Hydro led growers! Thank you for taking care of us in 2020. We hold a giveaway for Rollitup members to express our thanks. The exciting moment now! Mars Hydro contest here, win free light-SP 6500! :hug: :hug: :hug: :weed: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: Contest Time: 13th Jan,2021 - 9th...
  4. MarsHydrofactory

    Best lighting for your money

    5stars positive review from the grower Size: TS 1000W Set (342 PCS LEDS) As a new Business owner every dollar counts, i have studied practically every light on the market and keep coming back to Mars Hydro. I currently have 6 of there TS 1000s running in my mother/ clone room. The light are...