1. L

    Local Michigan breeders snapplegas

    Buddy's Beans, Michigan local breeders with the Snapplegas Day 35 flower. Support local growers, breeders, businesses.
  2. ponics42o

    NASC Alcapulco Gold and Mephistos Double Grape

    Whats up all, feel free to follow my progress, check my pics, and drop advice (this is my 2nd grow). Equipment 4x4 MarsHydro tent Air Cube system (hydroton medium, 6 drain and fills) Vivosun fans SpiderFarmer G8600 LED lights Food Jacks321 GFF SAG Armor SI pH down Progress, day 1 to 40: Meph...
  3. VIVOSUN Official

    VIVOSUN Amazon Spring Sale Up to 35% Off

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  4. EH40veg

    0.8 x 1.2m lighting help

    I’ve got a 1.2 x 0.8m cupboard space and was thinking of using a 600w hps and a 400w led, will this be to much light for 4 plants or will it be ok as long as I control the heat, have a 6 inch fan and filter as well, the room is also about 2 meters high. Thanks
  5. VIVOSUN Official

    Temp & Humidity During Different Plant Stages

    :leaf: Peep this video for the temp & humidity ranges we recommend during different plant stages. :hump:VIVOSUN Aerolab collects useful grow data when hung at canopy level!
  6. VIVOSUN Official

    VIVOSUN Black Friday Up to 70% Off

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    VIVOSUN Smart Grow Box pricing is out!

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  8. T

    Dwc ace killer og grow follow on YouTube

    Hey everyone new to this forum wanted to introduce myself. I’ve been growing around 3 years started in soil and quickly moved to hydroponics. I still do soil every now and then on the side but will always have ladies in my grow room. I grow from seed to get a mother started then I run her...
  9. Levradus

    Light advice , Go Amare <guy named Victor but felt as love in wisdom of all

    There was one guy named Victor all behind this op named Amare Light and he just believed my dream and gifted se300uvb amare light free, only the cost of cargo and light was gift. The light successfully arrived in my hands but waited many years to accomplish it destined. There is a big backstory...
  10. T


    I’m looking to try a scrog for first time! I usually put 4 plants in 1.2m2 space. mum now thinking of doing 5 but doing a scrog. will the yield rise? Or will it lesser as the space is smaller? Anyone doing a 1m2 5 plants advise would be help! Thanks in advance
  11. C

    Banana cookies 60/40 coco

    Okay so I am new to this group however I just wanted to know your personal opinion about what are the best nutrients when growing banana cookies in 60/40 coco and how I can achieve the biggest final weight, I know there are many factors that affect this but I just wanted to hear your...
  12. D

    Never seen this on a leaf. Have you?

    Fellow growers, what's happening! I swear every run I run into some kind of new problem that I was unaware of! This round I have a maui wauii that is very strange. Its yellow striped which looks like an excess of calcium, but the weird part is it's all bubbly/pimplely, the whole plant. It's...
  13. W

    Home Assistant Hydroponics Discord

    Hi all, I set up a discord aimed at people using Home Assistant or similar for automating their grows. The link is: I hope this is aloud because its useful to have access to somewhere for very quick answers. Cheers Jacob
  14. D

    Use the same bag ?

    Hello , I recently bought PE from online and two grow bags from two different companies. Both bags have no growth and it’s been almost 4 weeks. Environment is good , everything was sterilized. I’m going to buy the PE agin from 2 different companies just to reduce the chances of me getting a bad...
  15. D

    Foilar feeding INDOOR

    Fellow growers what's happening! I foilar feed a concoction I make from habanero peppers. The plants love it. Always look so vibrant after a good spray. This is outdoor though. I'm concerned that if I go spraying this mix in the tent that I could cause some unwanted bacterial/mold growth on...
  16. D

    Measuring cfm for optimal ventilation

    Fellow growers. What's happening! I'm almost don't setting my indoor back up, been waiting on some new pieces. I just bought an anemometer to measure cfm and hoping someone in here can point me in the right direction for use. I have my exhaust fans on speed controllers and I want to get them...
  17. 4

    Is it almost ready to harvest??

    Started week 9 of flower (not sure if the transition week counts but I flipped them to 12/12 on 08/16). I've been flushing for a few days now which if anyone has any advice to flush without making a mess that'd be great! Anyways here's some pics!!! First grow btw I have 4 tangies and 2 Tangie x...
  18. D

    Who's producing more than 1g/w?

    Fellow growers. What's happening! So my indoor is now set back up. I run a 3x3 for veg and 4x8 flower. I use a botanicare table in my flower room so it's easy to maintain n drain, thus I scrog the shit out of 6 plants in it. I almost always pull 3lbs. Consistently. With 6 plants. Using a 1000w...
  19. D

    Peep my setup & Reccomend a veg light!

    Fellow growers, what's happening! I'm wrapping up my indoor set up and looking to improve my veg light. I run these (see photos). A 300w ufo led and a 200w cob? Light. They do fairly well. Not complaining. However I'd like to consolidate and run one light in the veg tent. This is a 3x3...
  20. D

    School me on your lighting experience

    Fellow growers. What's happening! As energy costs continue to rise, I am finally starting to think about a lighting change. I've always run hortilux mh and hps. Typically one 600 watt and one 1000 watt in a 4x8 tent using magnum XXL low pro hoods. I love the setup... I usually pull down roughly...