1. Scrog-Pro

    Scrog-Pro™ - The Most Advanced Scrog Nets on the Market

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to introduce our brand here on Rollitup. :mrgreen: We are Scrog-Pro™ and we make the most advanced Scrog trellis systems for grow tents available on the market. Our Story... Founded in 2017, we've been a proud family-owned, small business in the cannabis industry...
  2. L

    Seedling yellowing in middle

    I am a first time grower with 8 seedlings and while the seedlings are looking pretty good (day 5 after coming out of soil), the middle of the first node is turning a green/yellow mix. I am using a 35w grow light that is 2 inches from the canopies. Also, I put them on a windowsill when the sun is...
  3. Spiveysrevenge

    Here We Grow Again (half-assed indica grow 2022)

    Let's just hope it's a girl.
  4. Lender420

    Funding Your Operation!

    We are a business lender dedicated to Marijuana and Cannabis-based business types. We can provide the following: - Working capital loans to start-ups up - Equipment financing to both existing and new businesses - Working capital to existing cannabis businesses with revenue Funds can be used...
  5. caliplugger420

    ITZbc2 x Sour Diesel ⛽

    ITZbc2 x Sour Diesel ⛽ Bunch of different phenos I'm hunting thru. SD seems to dominate the cross structure wise. Getting super thin Sativa like leaves and lots of nubby foxtail like Bud growth. But definitely better in the way of tighter bud structure and heavier resin....Nose is killer also...
  6. S


    HERE IT IS! THAT WINDOW GROW! SEEDS IN THE GROUND, CAN YOU HEAR THAT PURPLE SOUND? WOO HOO!!!☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮ Many many weeks and my body has leaks, hard work that it was, trying to do something I didn't think could get done. ...Let me share with you my grow and hopefully it will light up your...
  7. J

    3x3 Grow Setup Question

    Hey guys! A couple questions I have a 3x3 Gorilla grow tent & I just ordered the 2' height extensions.. bringing my total tent height to 9' From the floor to the bottom of the led is 77" so I have a pretty good amount of clearance. I currently have a Kind K3 L300 light from years ago, and am...
  8. Barry's Natural Farms

    Barry's Natural Farms TGA MzJill genetics Purple Afghani Kush S1 giveaway

    Celebrate our new look with a free pack of TGA MzJill Genetics Purple Afghani Kush S1 (Fem) 6 pack of seeds ! Post your pictures of your best Kush grows(Indoor/Greenhouse/Outdoors/Underground lairs etc.) ALL Kush hybrids accepted. The winning picture will be chosen by a member of our team...
  9. C


    Is there any soil available in the uk whereas I can just water throughout the plants cycle instead of having to add my own nutrients? Or if not is there any nutrients available to the uk that you guys could recommend.
  10. Tolerance Break

    Giving up smoke for a job, focusing on the grow

    I have to quit smoking for the IBEW, its a nessessary sacrifice. I refuse to stop growing because I love it, it makes me genuinely happy. I am a bit bummed, but I am looking forward to growing the best bud I can. I am curious if anybody else has had to quit and continued to grow? Did it help...
  11. Stank42O

    First timer chocolope grow

    Hey guys, pumped to start. Tent just came in and was able to get the system up to the right temperature and humidity and decided to just run it lol. Put seed in soil gave it some water , set lights to 18 and 6 and put a bag on it for extra humidity. I know I should have germinated but I have 4...
  12. Seshlife710

    All of my plants keep yellowing. *****I can not figure this out

    using miracle grow organic natures care soil. Growing mostly auto flowers. Growing under a phlizon 450w. But I only use the Cobb lights at around 250w for seedlings. Ph in at 6.5. I did a slurry test yesterday and it read 5.9. Using house and garden nutrients. I’ve barely fed anything. My tap...
  13. U

    Female turning male? Hermie? Or sinsemilla?

    Hey, so these things started popping up in my stigmas . They also have stigmas growing out of them. Just curious as to what they are and what they do.
  14. Cottoouth916

    Coconut coir should I ?

    Hello community I’m doing soil right now but I’m thinking of going with coconut coir for my next grow. If anybody has any tips or ideas on nutrient feeding with coconut coir Or anything that has to do with coconut coir I’ll be happy to take in !?!
  15. VIVOSUN Official

    VIVOSUN--Exclusive Code for RIU

    Save Exclusive 12% Off with Code RIU12:
  16. H

    Help!!! Can’t identify deficiency!

    Hi, I’m having a problem with several plant in my garden, they have started to show some kind of deficiency on the fan leaves. It is only on 3 plants which are all the same genetics. Everything else looks healthy. I’m feeding with the complete biobizz range and ammended soil. I have added bat...
  17. PhillupJane

    Best Germination Method

    I've fooled around with various methods of germination throughout the years and tbh most of them are garbage and lead to stunted plants! I've also noticed that a plant stunted from birth will never be as big as a plant that was never stunted! It will try to catch up but will remain in the other...
  18. S

    Kola (our puppy) with some Kolas

    Just a shot of my new puppy (mini aussie) with this years outdoor buds in the back. Strains are White Widow, Harley-Tsu, Purple Punch, Blueberry and Strawberry Sorbet. Nothing like canines and cannabis!
  19. caddymix024

    After 20 years of smoking, I'm finally gonna grow some

    Giving this grow thing a first time go.. we have two strains, OG and Alien, being grown in three different indoor tents. the plants were given to me as rooted clones about seven weeks ago and are in their first 10 days of flower now. all of them are in soil that's a mix of black gold, fox farms...
  20. GanjaBeauty

    Help, lol.

    Any suggestions for maximizing growth and yield? Also, can I clone and top at this stage?