1. Nonnabelle

    Round 2

    I rebuilt my grow tent and started 3 new plants. Day 1 Germination
  2. jackmoo

    what can i do better on

  3. Rubisco456

    Callus Formation in Clones

    Straight up: What is your opinion on the importance and the role that callus formation plays in the cloning process? Do you use callus formation as an indicator of successful clones? Do you care about callus formation? Do you induce its formation? I’ve been doing a lot of research on plant...
  4. max316420

    Trimming machines???

    I’ve come to the point in my growing career where I absolutely despise trimming (been doing it for 20 years) and think it’s finally time to invest in a commercial grade trimming machine. Can anyone recommend a good trimming machine for commercial use that actually works right and doesn’t destroy...

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    Grower's Choice have carved out an exceptional name for themselves as time has gone by. Offering a staggering, consistently high-level selection of fems and autos, it's genuinely hard to pick favourites amongst such an esteemed line up. The beauty of this super September deal is that with these...
  6. CannabisPixie

    Cannabis Pixie

    If you love cannabis and know anything about NFTs, then this is for you. We are helping support the decriminalization of cannabis nationwide!

    66% Off *ALL* Exotic Seed and Kalashnikov Seeds For The Month Of July

    This month we're running something extra special. We don't like picking favourites (at least not publicly) but Exotic Seed and Kalashnikov Seeds are worth prioritising. The former has made it their mission to hunt down and iterate upon prime Spanish and Dutch genetics, leaning on the 20+ years...
  8. BigMoistDaddy

    My first grow. I’ll be transiti

    Started out with a twin seed and was later able to separate and plant
  9. BigMoistDaddy

    It’s been two months since seed and I’m wondering should I a flower now or wait a few more weeks

    I have four plants in a 3 x 3 tent. it’s been two months since seed and it’s been vegging rapidly for one month. So what I’m wondering is should I veg it for a little bit longer or start flowering now since I do have four plants in only a 3 x 3 tent.
  10. Spiveysrevenge

    Taking an indica outside in a month

    This is my second grow. I live in New York state and i've started an indica in a 5 gal bucket. I don't know for sure yet it's a female but for now i'm just hoping. Last year I did this with it on an 18/6 schedule prior to going outside, put it in the ground around may 18th and it worked fine but...
  11. LegacyMarketFarm

    200 LED Lights 7000 Plants

    Hey everyone, I am new to rollitup. I thought this would make a good thread/ introduction. This is the last facility I managed as an on-site manager and assistant master grower. The strains grown here were Pink 2.0, Buffalo Breath, Mandarin Cookies, Cake Crasher, & Divine Bananas. I am going to...
  12. N

    3x3 400watt hps grow tent

    hi there happy stoners I have a 3x3 tent I have 4 white rinos under 400watt hps 5gallon fabric pots 12days into flower cycle 12/12 today here are some pics from yesterday how do they look? any advice on the girls what to expect thankyou all happy growing!5
  13. C

    Optimum Nutrient Levels for Cannabis. A Scientific Study

    A scientific study was published in November 2021 about the optimum amount of nutrients for Cannabis. Increased K had no effect on inflorescence yield. 30 mg/L did not show deficiency nor did 340mg/L indicate toxicity. The study suggests that many commercial fertilizers supplied far too much K...
  14. stealthfader508

    2022 Massachusetts Outdoor Growers

    Here it is guys, 2022 ... my whole family is locked down with the rona ... my son's out shooting baskets, my daughters are making tik toks, my wife's yelling at everyone, and I'm searching through strains for this years greenhouse candidates that won't mold .... I can't believe we shut down the...
  15. C

    New to growing

    Want to start my own grow However I don’t have much space to work with! I’m looking at a 50cm x 50cm x 140cm tent with the Mars hydro Ts 600 is this sufficient? Could I fit 2 plants in there? Also being my first grow I have watched a lot of tutorials on lst and hst methods should I try and use...
  16. P

    Horrible rotten meat smell

    Good afternoon everyone! I have a huge issue that I would love some advice on.. My deep freezer went out that I store my trim and extra meat products. Unfortunately, the freezer went out without me knowing and since the deep freezer is my back up storage place, I didn’t realize it had gone out...
  17. P


    I’m on day 6 of flowering, and my leaves have started to yellow, developing “burnt” tips and some brown spots. Seems like it’s a mobile deficiency since it’s starting from the bottom, but not entirely sure. Using the Athena Pro Line with 5.8 pH water. Any help would be appreciated!
  18. Seshlife710

    All of my plants keep yellowing. *****I can not figure this out

    using miracle grow organic natures care soil. Growing mostly auto flowers. Growing under a phlizon 450w. But I only use the Cobb lights at around 250w for seedlings. Ph in at 6.5. I did a slurry test yesterday and it read 5.9. Using house and garden nutrients. I’ve barely fed anything. My tap...
  19. MedicGrow

    Grow Journal With Medic Grow LED Grow Lights

    Hello growers, this is Medic Grow LED :weed: :weed: This post will be a collection of grow journals with Medic Grow lights to help you guys know more about growing. We will keep updating! :clap::clap:
  20. MedicGrow

    Medic Grow Lighting Black Friday 20% Off Sitewide SALE!

    Medic Grow 20% OFF SITEWIDE SALE! :clap: :clap: Place your order and enjoy 20% off everything on Medic Grow! :hug: $524 for our Best-selling: Medic Grow Fold-8 720W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants :hug:$559 for Medic Grow Ez-8 Hydra 1000W LED Grow Light :hug:$799 for...