blue cookies

  1. S

    Are my plants flowering too early?

    Hey so my blue cookies plant is 2 week into veg and it’s starting to have fuzzy white pistons. Is this bad? I just transplanted it a few days ago so I haven’t started it on veg nutrients yet but is the plant already preflowering? Thanks for the help!
  2. ltecato

    Blue Cookies and Sugar Kush

    Plant on left is Sugar Kush. On right is Blue Cookies. They've been in the ground about a month or so. I put plastic cups with holes in the bottom next to the roots as an experiment in saving water, but it rained here in LA County twice in the past few days as Mother Nature just loves to f___...
  3. FirstTimeGrwrLngTmSmkr

    Grow bag recommendation

    Im looking to get a 7gallon grow bag fif my plant before I set her under the scrog. I gotta go through Amazon, so if anyone has a suggestion for a quality fabric pot I'd really appreciate your help. Blue cookies 15 days into veg LST Black Rootz Soil In a 1 gallon pot going to transplant into a...
  4. FirstTimeGrwrLngTmSmkr

    Lst-wk 1 ~blue cookies Clone Quest

    Blue Cookies Clone -18/6 veg day 1 - Phantom CMh 315 - Big Rootz soil - General Hydroponics Flora Series This is my first attempt at LST, and I am curious to know if I’m heading in the right direction? Any and all feedback from experienced growers that use the lst method on young early veg...
  5. FirstTimeGrwrLngTmSmkr

    GH Flora Series??

    Just wanted to double check with experienced growers... Today I bought a blue cookies clone that is rooted in soil. Should I wait until I transplant her to the larger container and Big Rootz soil that I have before feeding any nutrients?
  6. D

    First ever grow, not even close to being ready

    okay, so for the past year and a half or so I've been researching on and off with plans to grow once I'm in position to. I'm currently not in position to, yet as o finished grinding up my weeds seed came out of my grinder. Naturally I thought it would be cool to germinate it. I'd never done it...
  7. siforek

    Topping Clones?

    I got a Blue Cookies clone last week :) It's my 1st clone. All my other plants I grew from seed so they're pretty symmetrical making topping very straight forward, snip the top just above the 2 little nubs on either side & there you go. With this clone the nubs that could grow into branches...