1. DrDukePHD

    Second try, another AC Infinity 4x4 tent

    Hey everyone, hope you had a good weekend. To recap,4x4ft AC Infinity #1 (amazon) was returned, HUUUGE tear in a seam. Today i bought a second AC Infinity (#2) from grow shop 4x4ft, no giant tears this time. So i forged ahead & set up everything, including light. Turned off all my lights &...
  2. DrDukePHD

    The Day Is Finally Here! 4x4 Setup (tips?)

    Today is day 1 of setup. A cancer diagnosis, followed by weeks of research, dozens of posts, 100 websites, 3 hydroponic store visits & all of your amazing help here at RIU have culminated in...a AC Infinity 4x4 tent, T6 inline fan with Controller 69 & a FC4800 light. Now, should I follow the...
  3. Rolla J

    Mars Hydro Black Friday Giveaway: Rolla J Entry 4 FC-E 6500

    Welcome everyone. I'm very glad that you can join! This will be my exclusive thread for the Mars Hydro Black Friday giveaway grow off. I have 3 Lemon Thai Kush clones from Humboldt seed organization in 3 gallon pots. We are in a Mars Hydro 3x3 grow tent supplemented with a Mars Hydro TSW 2000...
  4. D

    WARNING place ACINFINTY sensor at least 6' from 600+ watt ballasts

    TL;DR: If your ballast is too close to your ACINFINITY temperature/humidity probe, it can stop working, i.e. your tent will overheat and be soaked. This thing has been a godsend for my grow, and I highly recommend it, but don't keep the probe within five feet of your ballasts. *added vague...
  5. HydroKid239

    Mars Hydro Grow Journal-TS1000-Glueberry Muffins by Destiny Exotic Genetics/2.3x2.3x5.2ft tent.... With a Twist.

    This Journal will document From seed to harvest. Info on the grow set up.. Tent: Mars Hydro 2.3x2.3x5.2ft. Light: Mars Hydro TS1000 (On an amazon mechanical timer) Medium: Coco Loco Starting container: 16oz Party cup Exhaust: AC Infinity T4 with G Hydro Carbon filter Intake: Passive Light...