Mars Hydro Grow Journal-TS1000-Glueberry Muffins by Destiny Exotic Genetics/2.3x2.3x5.2ft tent.... With a Twist.


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This Journal will document From seed to harvest.

Info on the grow set up..

Tent: Mars Hydro 2.3x2.3x5.2ft.
Light: Mars Hydro TS1000 (On an amazon mechanical timer)
Medium: Coco Loco
Starting container: 16oz Party cup
Exhaust: AC Infinity T4 with G Hydro Carbon filter
Intake: Passive
Light schedule: 18/6
Nutrients: Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Grow A&B
Air Flow: 6" portable fan (for now)
Small humidifier
Seedling mat with controller.

The driver for for the TS1000 will remain outside the grow tent to avoid heat issues.

Any feedback, questions or comments welcomed. Let's try to keep it clean, and relative.
Peace everyone. I look forward to the company along for the ride. :peace:8-)


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I added a couple of pruned branches I cut from an auto-flowering plant as an experiment. :dunce:
Just to make things interesting I will include the uprising of these little additions as well.
Why waste light? Why not have something grow there?
The goal is to keep the showcased plant small. That gives me time, space & light for more of Mary Janes flowers. :bigjoint:


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To prep the clones:
I used 4x root riot cubes, clonex gel, a seedling tray and humidity dome. (Small puddle of water in the bottom of the Dome's drip tray)
After leaving the cuttings in a cup of water over night...
I snipped the ends at an angle and dipped them in some clonex. I poked holes in the bottom of some root riot cubes and stuck the stems thru to keep the cubes in the seedling tray, but to also keep them from coming in contact with the puddle inside the drip tray.