Tamisium snitches


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I got word people in texas were advised of this and were allowed to opt out and order from a different state . It was either hand them texas sales or be forced to hand them ALL sales.

from someone......

In short, some states require permits for labs. Those permits
require reporting of sales within that state if they sale
equipment. Nothing new.
We simply notify the customer before purchase to allow them
to opt out and purchase from another state where no reporting
is required.


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He's simply trying to stay legal and I don't find that surprising. Wouldn't you like to remain legal in doing whatever it is you do?
You can extract plenty legal shit with a tamisium but if you don't have the permit to run it (IF required) then you could be blasting daisies with the fucker and still be in violation of law.
I've found the best thing to do is to buy one in a parking lot in boulder colorado from a dude that runs a extract company that made one run on a te175 and realized they were gonna need a bigger boat. Half price I might add :P