Prices in texas SUCK!


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The prices are high because people want to take advantage of each other. You know, take a damn near worthless piece of vegetation and charge extremely high prices for it by declaring it illegal. And then the constant stream of middlemen marking it up. Quit selling it and start growing it. That's how you beat high prices.
And the quality of California to colorado to oklahoma, and probably up to michigan is all the same. Just a ton of people trying to take advantage of others for money. So, you just get the leftovers.


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If there is a f*****g legal state a days drive from Texas WHY ARE THE PRICES SO DAMN HIGH??? I can't find indoor for less then 1200 this shits crazy. I'm finna hop on a plane and visit Cali for real...
Tbh doesn’t seem that high at all if your for real. In Michigan I hear black market going for 1600-2000 tho It’s has to check all the boxes. That’s in a fully rec state. So not sure what your complaining about


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1200 is a hell of a deal in sate with no home grow laws or any sort of legal program. I’m in a legal state and it’s more than that for true top shelf. Ok is your best bet, their are good and bad growers in all the legal states. Hell half the people growing in OK are from somewhere else.

For 1k I’d say you will end up with B grade, which in most places in Texas is prob considered top shelf.