Maxi-Bloom and Well Water pH and ec


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Mixed up a gallon of ro water tonight
2mL of calmag
5g maxibloom
3mL ph up
Ended up being 1.7ec and 5.8ph
Had to add 2c of ro water to it to get the ec back down to 1.4

Mixed up a 2nd gallon of ro water
2mL calmag
4mg maxibloom
2.5mL ph up
1.4ec 5.9ph
depending what pH UP your using those numbers will vary greatly.

I hit 6.0 pH 1.6 EC with the following formula in RO Filtered Water
5 ml/gal Armor Si
2 ml/gal Athena CaMg
7 g/gal Maxibloom
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