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  • Anyhow, I know I owe ya, and I'm going to be culling her from the garden after this last run finishes, it will be the last of the Chrome D. I'd like to get with ya and square up. I would have private messaged ya but I dont see a way to do that. Anyhow, get back to me when ya can.
    Hey Man. Just wanted to let ya know, I haven't forgot about ya. I took a hiatus for about a year and never had a chance to flower out the Chrome D I got from Nance, but I recently had my first run of it and it turned out really good, although it's a bitch to grow and ended up herming but not bad enough to destroy the rest of the garden. Just a few beans here and there.
    Hey Theman13, any idea what happened at Z? The site seems shut down. I emailed Zoot but got no reply.
    Just wondering if you had talked to him? Thanks
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    I believe he's doing an upgrading that is not going as expected. He'll figure it out in a day or two ;-)~
    hey ,, my other account seems to have been deactivated ,, had a water issue here ,but just hooked up r/o .. so everything seems to be bouncing back .. is there a better way to get in touch with you ? [email protected] <--- if so please let me know there , thanks
    Any idea what happened to michiganmmp? I tried getting on today as visitor and goes to godaddy says its avaible to get
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