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    Win a 5 Pack of Anesia Seeds' 35% THC Oracle Octane

    Oracle Octane please!
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    Chitown seeds

    That exist?
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    The Best Deals Thread. Post Best Deals And Lowest Prices Links

    any 4 and 6 inch filter deals around? Stocked up with a Vipon code from this thread last time, need to restock! LOL
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    Edible Help - Decarboxylation

    So like a magic butter machine?
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    Grafting vegging growth to flowering root stock

    Wait whaaa?? This cant work right? Hope it does tho!
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    TonyGreen's Tortured Beans "Bubble Head" meets the Gavita LED's............

    Beautiful! You just take leaves? Any branches when you defoil?
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    All Anesia Seeds grow

    That looks amazing! You got the unicorn pheno, cause no other journals of Bola Mintz I've found have this color. I went looking before I ran off to buy some seeds, LOL. Thanks for sharing!
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    All Anesia Seeds grow

    Any pics of that Bola Mintz harvested and dried?
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    Thanks for the more detailed explanation, much appreciated. How often do you have to re-wet the coco?
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    You guys wetting this coco with just water? Or some sort of weak nute solution?
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    Win A 3 Pack Of Anesia Seeds' *NEW* Future Island (34% THC!)

    Thanks for another chance! How about Apricot Oreoz??
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    Herbies Seeds Giveaway!

    Grandmommy Purple for me please! Thanks for the opportunity!
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    Win a 3 Pack of Anesia Seeds Dankberry!

    Maybe a lil Gelato Dream? Or like I said before the the Chosen Seeds bulk ZKITTLEZ X GRAPEFRUIT BUBBLEGUM is fire!! I could use some more!