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  • whats good man! hope all is well! ill hit u up in like a week or 2 n see how ur doing...and while im here fuck that dude that posted under me LMAO
    gudkarma == knocks out fake internet niggas one hack at a time. lol. the thief , liar(s) , and fraud was who now ? jb & hippiefag20 got integrity over me ? cannaweb blacklist the wistleblower ? the truth teller ? the last laugh is mine ! LOLOLOLOLOL ! and i see in a post or two you havent forgotten either. remember. i called it. they faked it. you all supported it. creeps fucked me. covered it up. and you ALL turned a blind eye. during xmas even !!!! they do it again & y'all suprised ? all you frauds are fake fuckers !!!!!!!!!
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