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    My town of Berkshire NY has "opt'ed in" to cannabis lounges and dispensaries.

    In the 70's a good little bar or tavern in the right location was considered almost like a little gold mine. Then the lawyers started sueing bar owners. To me there has to be a better, less libelous, way. I've always been intrigued by the idea of a bakery. For off premises consumption. Cherry...
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    My town of Berkshire NY has "opt'ed in" to cannabis lounges and dispensaries.

    That's Jamaica. It should be Puerto Rico, but they won't listen to me. I have even sent snail mail letters.
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    My town of Berkshire NY has "opt'ed in" to cannabis lounges and dispensaries.

    I don't know how it will work inside the smoking lounge, but I bet you better have a way to get out of there without getting in a car and driving off. That's because most of the cops in the American Police State are moralists who don't care about anything but slapping cuffs on you.
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    Most racy sativa?

    That sounds like it might be hard to get. I appreciate the art of pheno hunting, just not for me. I will watch for that cultivar. I See Barneys has a Peppermint Kush.
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    Most racy sativa?

    I just want to say that I like racy weed.
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    You can not buy clones from a Canadian vendor and have it shipped to USA. Correct? I am sure I know the answer, but I bet some of you have tried it.
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    Blue sunset sherbert

    I would like to know this, too. Pheno Finders states Sunset Sherbet has, "full body effects". I feel this when vaping. It is just a little speedy and mellows nicely. I would like to know what other cultivars have a similar effect.
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    Anyone else watching the Kyle Rittenhouse trial?

    What do you all think this has to say about the gun culture in America? I'm old and growing up most all the problems in TV and movies was solved with guns. I know people who buy two or three guns a year. Never fire them. Just buy them. Did you see that guy at that meeting in Idaho? The guy who...
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    I accidentally took a large swig of 1200ppm nute water last night

    We all know it was no accident. You just been hankerin to try this for some time, haven't you. How long you been thinking about it? You probably outlive us all.
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    Greetings from southern Arizona

    Alright! Good to hear from AZ. I don’t know Cochise County. Long growing season?
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    Struggling to get jars below 74% humidity

    I I put some 72% in a small (and half full) clamp lid jar with hygrometer and one Boveda 62%, 67 gram. Outdoor RH was about 72%. I burped it twice per day and in two days it was right at 62%. So now I'll go ahead and put up into large jars and be at 62% in several days. I will put two 67 gram...
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    Maine Decides: Right To Food

    A couple of border collies and those rats won't have a chance. See it, done it.
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    Can police detect a 300W Led light with helicopters?

    Yes, neighbors. And don't forget ex girlfriend or wife, postman, Paranoia, it'll destroya.
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    Recommendations for True Landrace Strains?

    Understood. Thank you.
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    Recommendations for True Landrace Strains?

    Does C99 have the spicy taste of Jack Herer?