experienced growers

  1. B

    First Transplant

    Good Morning Everyone, Learning how to grow cannabis for medicinal use. Suffer from PTSD and cannabis is truly a saving grace. I am learning how to grow for the first time. I have currently 4 cloned plants in a 2 x 2 x 4 grow tent, i know its a little small for 4 plants but i plan to move at...
  2. ThePsilocyber

    I Need Yield Help PL0X

    should i scrog or should i just grow the plants up? 5000w hps and 35 plants. i will be fimming and topping. then i will be eithier growing them tall or growing them like 4-5 feet with scrog i have about 6-8 feet head room. i am 100% looking for biggest yeild.
  3. Cannabis.Queen

    CQ Outdoor grow! 2018

    Hi everyone, and welcome back to another season of my outdoor Grow! (pun intended). This year we have the following contestants; • 8Ball Kush x 1 • Candy Cream x 2 • Exotic Lemon Candy x 2 • Sex Bud x 1 • Shoreline x 2 Starting in a solo cup 1/4 filled with promix. I'm in flowering ATM with...
  4. Aqueel

    Any Exerperienced growers who can put in some input

    If anyone experienced could read my thread and give me some input that was would muchly appreciated on what to do with options thanks people . Joined a year ago but my first thread slot of helpful people on here it's great that knows their stuff . If I'm missing anything please input, i take...