whats your favorite game while stoned?


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I keep replaying the first few missions and haven't finished the whole game. Lol
I was exactly the same with season 1, which I still haven't finished until today. But this one, I just went through all the missions and now am just replaying them :D



Right now I'm playing My defi pet. I really like this game - there are such cute animals))) But most of all I like that there you can earn real money. When I do that and I think I can sell or buy things for real money the game becomes even more interesting)))


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Right now I’m playing mortal kombat x and horizon zero dawn on ps4. My favorite games been gone for years I miss unreal tournament
I think it's time to revisit Persona 5 Royal for that 100% completion. That will hold me over until I convince myself to buy Back for Blood.


Everyone plays such different games. I have very little time for that. But I try to do at least one hour a day because it makes me less stressed. Besides, I really earn a little money with the virtual game my defi pet.
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