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I accidentally damaged the taproot of a seedling that was actually just starting have a little length on it. Is the seed dead or will it possibly grow another
If it's not already going back the way I'd expect it to pull through, I've broken a tap root and the seed/plant was OK.


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Using your own seeds this is less likely an issue using seed bank seeds I know i have 9 viable seeds right there. If i planted in soil first I'd have to wait up 4 days or better yet when i used to get duds I'd throw them into a outdoor planter keep them moist. I had one come up 2 weeks later. So I'd basically just have to start over after 4 or 5 days waiting to sprout. Now having a plant or 2 a week or 2 behind the perpetual grow. Or in general 2 wks behind in veg for flower missed the whole seedling stage. I don't start more than I need, lol that's wasteful. If one or 2 of those seeds didn't pop I'd put them back into the paper towel and ziplock whereas I'm only a couple to few days behind. I guess if you didn't have a set amount to grow it might be different, new mexico has a 24 plant count 12 veg/12 flower. I'm going to get as much as I can while I can eventually they will see all the money being lost allowing home grows. Cant tax home grown