New and Improved TnT Foodie thread


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So a short while back I bought the Ooni Karu 16 pizza oven.
Spent some hours reading and researching dough formulas, cheese recipes, sauce bases.... damn there's a lot of info.
Now 30 years ago I ran Papa Gino's restaurant, pizza ,yep I can do this!
Tried successfully, a poolish dough starter by mixing yeast, flour and water, let ferment and add more stuff... wait,shape then wait....
And cook!
Oven, I tried to keep at 600 deg F
Cook time was about 2 min.
First ones in a long time,.... I'll be better soon.
But the flavor was way beyond good.View attachment 5239342
How hot can it go?


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pic from the web

Nailed it.
My wife's work.

This Christmas Tree farm does not compare to 25,000 trees.

Meet the American who planted the primary Christmas tree farm: New Jersey entrepreneur W. V. McGalliard

Here’s a fun fact:
The first Christmas tree farm in the United States is believed to have begun in 1901 when 25,000 Norway Spruce trees were planted by W. V. McGalliard in Mercer County, near Trenton, New Jersey. The trees were sold seven years later for $1.00 each. Despite the early pioneers of the industry, by the late 1940s 90 percent of all natural Christmas trees sold in the United States were still harvested from forests. The most popular species during that era, Balsam Fir, Douglas-fir, Black Spruce and White Spruce, were all readily available from forests.



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Vanilla kipferl? How did you make them?
I was unfamiliar with Vanilla Kipferl until about 5 minutes ago lol. My mom always called these almond crescents and it looks like they're the bastardized American version. With 2 main differences. The first being the crescents call for a flour and the kipferl call for actual ground nuts. And lastly the kipferl having a powdered vanilla sugar dusting and these crescents just having plain powdered sugar dusting. After reading I think I would like the Kipferl better. I prefer a more vanilla than almond flavor. Not sure of my mom's exact recipe but I've been using this one.