Impulse Grow #1

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Hey this all started because a lil light went of in my head after a couple of decades. I have had health issues since I was little. I started smoking in my teens and it did help but I never really thought of it as that. I was just getting ripped. Later in life as most things go you see things different and find you do things for reasons you didn't even know...Anyways...

It finally hit the point of..why am I paying for this? I honestly never thought of it. Always had the means to do it. Just never did.

So I said fuck it, looked high and low for bag seed and here I am. Had plenty of ups and downs so far but this plant has been beast. Started in miracle grow and the smallest damn cup I could choose under the vanity light in my bathroom under a 60 cfl that was there. Then It went into a clay pot that turned into an evaporative cooling nightmare wrap with saran wrap and a heating pad underneath it sitting with 2 100 cfl's in a rubber maid bucket. Now in a 2 gallon bucket filled with Fox Farm in a 2x2x4 grow box with 150 HPS in it. I have since add side lighting and another intake to get the exhaust velocity down. I have fimmed then topped, ph'd, trimed some messed up leaves but its still working with me. And the good tips and advie giving here has helped a lot. I have no idea what kind it is..looks Indica. I am about a week into flowering so I should know if this is good soon. I have two clones sitting in water just in case. They have been since Saturday and still look good.

well here are some shots from then to now



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Looks good man, maybe someone with a bit more experience will chime in but it appears over watered to me. Maybe try letting it dry out real good between waterings and she should perk up a bit. I'm excited to see what the flowers will look like! Keep it updated bro.

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Looks good man, maybe someone with a bit more experience will chime in but it appears over watered to me.
I agree with the over water. The leaves are drooping quite a bit. I don't know what strain you have there, but it is definitely an indica. Those are some wide ass leaves. Ease up on watering. It will let you know when to water. Good luck on your grow.

Rev. Chuck

Thank You all for the kind words they are encouraging being the first grow even if it seems ok I still have doubt. I should have mentioned that the pictures for the most part were right after watering but I will try to hold off longer. I have tried to judge it from from just watered weight until I can pick it up with a couple fingers and balance it even with my thumb with little effort. It is in a two gallon pot and I have been putting close to 3 liters in each watering until I get decent runoff. Should I cut it to 2 liters with a lil run off?

Rev. Chuck

Hey man, what up?
You're looking nice!
How far is your hps from your lady?
Check this out!
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Hope it helps, cheers!!
Actually that charts great Thank You. It is about 6 inches above the top of the canopy and 19 inches at the bottom of the lower leaves. It's almost like my top is perky to dry but the bottoms are swollen with water. It looks like that chart is answering part of that. Here is a pic one day after watering. The best I can do for the bottom is 1 100 watt CFL on each side to supplement on the lowers. The damn canopy is so thick its hard getting consistent light down to the lowers. I have been trying to rotate 1/3 turn every four hrs to even the light exposure. I don't want to cut the bottom 3rd of cause I have quite a few good size fan leaves down there.

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you could get 2 lights on each side simply by putting a "Y" splitter in the sockets you have the CFL's in.