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Every time I see this thread.

I hear this playing in my head.

44 people burned to death that night. One lady died going back into her house to save her dog. She died for her dog. Others were trapped in their garages because they were too elderly or simply didn't know how to use the emergency door release.

Sour Wreck

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Damn dude, you really do sit here all day. Maybe you should try some real life for a minute.
i am self employed and you can clearly see if you want too i am not on here posting during the day.

but that is not the point you piece of shit subhuman...

did you take it up the ass in federal prison?

Sour Wreck

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"Self employed" = Welfare
we've been through this asswipe.

remember when you were bragging about 3 boats and i posted a picture of mine on the lake with 2 chicks flashing their tits.

you don't have a clue who i am, but i know you.

you ratted your friends out to the FBI....

you are sick fuck !!!!

Sour Wreck

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tell us about the FBI in your backyard and garage again.

why didn't they go into the house?

was that part of the deal if you ratted your friends out?

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*Can't bother to capitalize a word, feels opinion is valid*

rats on friends regarding huge drug bust across the state lines. goes to prison, get's ass raped and comes back to riu like nothing happened.

what's up you piece of shit. glad you could catch me before i go off to my self employed job. you flipping burgers again today.

fucking asshole


Sour Wreck

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Took you 1 minute to reply. At 4am. I'm up to go to work. You spent the night cleaning pencils, again. Friggin' meth heads.
lol, no retard.i sleep from around 10pm to 5am most nights. i am self employed and have places to be by 7am.

unlike you, where the burger place doesn;t open until 10am.

you growing again?

setting up new friends?

fbi watching you?