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Had some cucumber beetles already gnawing, they put holes right through the leaf, I killed two if them and now I have a new issue. Could be these flies im seeing? Brown spots do NOT go all the way through the leaves, seems to be spreading. Put some new yellow sticky pads up, hoping to catch whatever is doing it.20220611_152042.jpg20220611_152047.jpg20220611_152020.jpg

Brown spots are the new issue, the raggedy holes were cucumber beetles, they are dead n gone. But there's a new bug in town, any help greatly appreciated.


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I had this problem @Roger A. Shrubber had the solution for me.

if you have a pest problem, you'd be better off mixing up a little hot sauce and dawn in a gallon of water and spraying them with that.
i really like spinosad, as long as you're not in flower yet. 3 to 4 treatments 3 days apart will kill any pest i've ever had to deal with.
if you are in flower, i'd stick to the hot sauce/dish soap solution, and then spray them with plain water the next day to wash the excess off, and repeat that 3 or 4 times, about 3 days apart. that gives any eggs time to hatch, and wipes out the older ones so they can't lay any more

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I can’t swear to this but more than once I put powdered red chili around my plants to keep varmints out and it seems to help.


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dr. Bonner's peppermint soap mix one tablespoon with one gallon of water. I'll use a hand held sprayer. Soak plant top to bottom front to back. The soap will kill bugs if drenched the peppermint is a bug repellent. Can't say it's 100% effective as a repellent however I can tell a difference before use and now. I'll use it that way every 3 to 4 days on outdoor plants. You can use 1-5tbls per gallon water most I've used is 2. I have pulled leaves with bugs and drenched it does kill them

Apply early morning before sun hits or in the evening when plants are shaded