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    Pull those covers up tight

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    Pull those covers up tight

    Can't you see?
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    Examples of GOP Leadership

    Ranch dressing?
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    the big log

    9/26/23 196.4
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    I'm running a few days late, but I got my end of summer haircut out of the way this morning. So we can hang this little used thread up to dry for the next three seasons.
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    Your peppers please!

    My young mini sweets are doing good. All the older mini sweets as well as most of the cayenne didn't make it through the last heat dome. The Jalapeno are still chugging along.
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    Hey everybody. I saw where there was a few links missing in the North Sea Fleet chain of command. It's almost like the A of U know where and when the Russian brass are going to be somewhere.
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    Live Shows

    Not too bad, but could use another drummer or two.
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    Jerry, like this thread, is still Dead

    Good show. SET 1 01. Deep Elem Blues (0:00) 02. Little Sadie (8:36) 03. Peggy-O (13:20) 04. Valerie (21:04) 05. Run For The Roses (33:06) 06. Simple Twist Of Fate (37:26) SET 2 07. Reuben And Cherise (51:19) 08. Friend Of The Devil (58:58) 09. Jack-A-Roe (1:07:34) 10. Gomorrah (1:13:17) 11...
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    Inflation and Biden

    I remember it as if it were just a year and two months ago.
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    Pull those covers up tight

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    Inflation and Biden

    I did not read the whole thread, but I'm assuming this is a tribute the great job Dark Brandon has done fighting inflation. Last year it was 9 percent. Now it's around 3 and a half. Hats off to the folks at the fed for a job well done. This soft landing is giving me a boner. Of course everyone...
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    the big log

    9/12/23 197.6 9/19/23 194.8
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    Facebook & Social Media

    Hey, did you guys see where twitter was changing it's name to ex?