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Time to get high and bury my money
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PJ Diaz
PJ Diaz
I know a guy who used to bury his cash. Well apparently word got out, and some dudes with guns showed up at his house one day, and swayed him into unburying it.
Very new grower here in Oklahoma anyone know where I can get free samples of nutes thank u
Check out different brands online. Contact them in regards to samples via their website.
Inhale ….. hold it :eyesmoke:
Hospitals should have a Medical Cannabis Lounge, just like the old smokers lounges at Airports. Far from it, hospital gift shops no longer even sell lighters/matchs. C'mon dickbag corporate healthcare, do better!
Cheesey bread dipped in marinara...
Isn't that just a cheese pizza?
Jeff is in the hospital and he will let you know when he gets home
Hey bud. I'm really interested in your drain to waste setup for tents. Love the ingenuity.. would love to get specs or anything on how you are measuring run off or the whole thing.I built my room,my drain to waste was looking to get the growtek f3rt manager. But I can't seem to contact growtek websites down. Any help would be appreciated.