spider farmer sf 2000

  1. ElectricGrowerOKC

    Spider Farmer SF2000 VS Phlizon CREE COB 3000W Someone Smarter Than Me About Lights

    So I have a question for someone smarter than me. I am currently running 2 spider farmer sf2000 lights in my 4x3 grow room, and my good friend just gifted me a Phlizon PHGD-3000 LED COB light. I was looking at the PAR and PPFD values and it seems according to Phlizon, that the light I was gifted...
  2. ElectricGrowerOKC

    Someone smarter than me explain the dimming function on LED lights.

    So I have 2 Spider Farmer SF2000 lights in my 4x3 grow room. Both of them have a dimmer control on the driver. What is the point? I currently have 2 auto seedlings popped up and I have both lights 18inches above the plants with full power. They are doing great. No light burn, no discolored...
  3. Spiderfarmerled

    Veg Day 62, Glueberry O.G keep grow!!

    Veg Day 62 2X Glueberry O.G. (1 BeerCanGrowChallenge) 1X Strawberry Cheesecake 1X Purple Bud Auto 1X Purple Auto _____________________________________________________ 3x4 2in1Tent SF2000 SF1000 Autos - 5 Gal Oxy Pots Nutrients - None Soil - Lush Organic 2
  4. Spiderfarmerled

    From Seed to Harvest Ak kush and Cindy 99

    Light: Spider Farmer SF 2000 LED Strain:Ak kush and Cindy 99 Seed-Feb 26 March 12 March 26 Flower-April 29 Harvest-May 24